Vaping Likely Causing Illness In Idaho And The Country, Trump Administration Responds

Sep 11, 2019

Vaping has caused concern among parents and doctors for years. But now, U.S. health officials say they have about 450 cases of serious respiratory disease most likely tied to vaping. Here in Idaho, public health officials say two people have developed serious lung disease from vaping. 


The Trump administration has responded, announcing Wednesday it wants to ban many flavored e-cigarettes. 

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s Niki Forbing-Orr says doctors confirmed Tuesday that vaping is to blame for the two Idaho cases. But, the cases are still a little bit of a mystery to health officials. 

“They know that the vaping products are a common factor but they haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what is causing the severe respiratory distress,” Forbing-Orr says. 

Federal and state agencies – including those in Idaho – have launched an investigation to figure out what exactly is causing these problems. 

“One of the main goals of public health is to reduce risk, and to prevent disease,” Forbing-Orr explains. “And what everybody is really trying to do right now is figure out what is causing it.”

Understanding the specific harms will help health providers in Idaho and the country provide more useful information and warnings to residents.

The Food and Drug Administration says it will take several weeks to develop proposed e-cigarette restrictions that will then go to public comment.

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