Voting In Ada County

Nov 6, 2012

Voters around Idaho are heading to the polls this afternoon.

In the state's largest county voting has been smooth so far.  That’s according to Phil McGrane, Ada County’s Chief Deputy Clerk. ”Only small issues far, we haven’t had any real challenges to deal with and as far as we know right now there aren’t any strong lines to speak of and people are able to get in and get out relatively quickly.”

The counting machines are prepped and ready at Ada County Election Headquarters
Credit Samantha Wright / Boise State Public Radio

Those small issues include the occasional voter who isn’t sure where they should be voting.  Some voters are in different districts this year because the state's political lines have been re-drawn to adjust for population.

McGrane says voter turnout in Ada County has been steady today “I know that one of the precincts out in Star had about 500 people at noon, that’s out of about 1400 people overall, so that’s a pretty good steady turnout so far.”

He says the vote on whether to keep the Students Come First laws is helping drive folks to the polls. “It does seem the President and the referenda have certainly driven people out to vote, I do still expect a very high turnout.”

McGrane says a normal voter turnout in a Presidential year is around 75 percent of registered voters.  He expects to meet or exceed that turnout today.