'Wanna Know Idaho' Podcast Explores Idaho's Geothermal Energy Scene

Dec 17, 2020


Idaho is rich with geothermal activity. But when Wanna Know Idaho podcast listener Ted Eisele moved to Idaho in 1980, it wasn’t the natural hot springs that caught his attention about geothermal. What really blew him away was the fact that Idaho’s state buildings, like the Capitol and the state Supreme Court, were heated using geothermal. 


Ted had a lot of questions for Wanna Know Idaho:

How is the water utilized for heating in an efficient and cost-effective manner? What kind of money does that save the state of Idaho? Is there a danger of the resource being over utilized?


In this latest episode, Wanna Know Idaho talks with John Chatburn, the administrator of Governor Little’s Office of Energy and Mineral Resources and Dr. Travis McLing, a research scientist at the Idaho National Laboratory to answer Ted’s questions, and so much more. 


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