Want To Make Your Own Amazing Podcast? Learn From NPR Host Lauren Ober At Storyfort

May 4, 2018

In the ever growing-world of podcasts, NPR host Lauren Ober is like a New York Times book reviewer for audio. She's listened to thousands of podcasts as part of her job with WAMU’s show “The Big Listen,” a radio program that seeks out the best and brightest minds in podcasting.

Boise State Public Radio and Treefort Music Fest featured Ober at the March festival this year. During her live presentation in front of a Storyfort audience, she shared her funny and insightful take on the world of podcasts.

“Make what is the story inside of you," says Ober. "Don’t make something that someone else would be making. Don’t make something that you think you should be making.”

Click below for a listen back to that presentation from Lauren Ober on what she thinks is missing in the growing podcast landscape, and how you might be able to fill that void.

For a complete list of her podcast ideas check out this list created by WAMU. And here's more on AIR (the Association for Independents in Radio that Ober talks about) and some handy audio tips from the folks with NPR Training.