Watch This Timelapse Video Capture Boise In Motion

Oct 19, 2015

Photographer Guy Hand is fairly new to creating timelapse videos, but you wouldn't know it looking at his most recent production. He posted a video highlighting well-known Boise hotspots last Friday on Facebook — but from some surprising angles. The video became quite popular over the weekend, with almost 18,000 views and hundreds of shares.

TimeLapse Boise from Guy Hand on Vimeo.

Hand says he started creating timelapse pieces last year. In an email, he says he's learned projects like these require a lot of patience and the ability to see shots in the future.

"It’s complicated, heavy stuff," Hand says, "but, for me, a nice change of pace from the easy, often mindless clicking I do with an iPhone or small camera. Time lapse requires deliberation and commitment; it sends you back to the Ansel Adams days of big, slow view cameras, heavy tripods and serious intent. And that’s been a nice diversion for me."

Boise seems frenetic at some points, like when the camera captures the blur of faces in line at Guru Donuts or the pace of traffic during rush hour. The moon moving through the skyline in Freak Alley and clouds rolling over the Capitol at daybreak are two more moments Hand captured. 

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