Waters Recede In Wood River Valley Revealing Damages

Jun 16, 2017

While the Big Wood River kept to its banks this winter in Hailey, excessive runoff from mountain snow caused it to flood for a majority of the spring.
Credit Catherine Chanel / Flickr

As floodwaters in the Wood River Valley recede, residents and officials are getting their first look at damage caused by a season of high water.

For six weeks the Big Wood River has inundated parts of Hailey. With summer just days away, the high spring flows are finally ebbing. As the river recedes, damage to homes, roads and electrical equipment that was underwater is finally coming into view.

Residents in Hailey’s Della View neighborhood who accessed their homes by boat or paddle board in recent weeks are finally able to get back to their homes and assess the damage. Flooded crawl spaces, mud-soaked porches and damaged roadways are the main issues in Della View. Idaho Power is still working to restore electrical service to the neighborhood.

The Idaho Mountain Express reports this isn’t the first time the area has faced flooding. In 2006, Della View was inundated, but that only lasted a few days. This time, flood conditions have been a problem for over a month.

In the Gimlet subdivision, gushing water has converted roads and driveways into a flowing channel. Along Highway 75 north of Ketchum, the Idaho Transportation Department is taking steps to shore up the roadway to prevent it from deteriorating.

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