On The Wednesday, April 17, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Apr 16, 2019
  • Bryant Cameron Webb lectures on the juxtaposition of medicine and social justice.
  • A NASA scientist discusses Clipper mission to Europa.
  • Lady Bizness finds the hysterical within the mundane.
  • Technology shows up in children's literature.

- Dr. Bryant Cameron Webb of the University of Virginia School of Medicine was recently in Boise to lecture on the relationship between medical policy and social justice. He joins Idaho Matters to talk about why those two are not mutually exclusive.

- Researchers believe the Jupiter moon of Europa could possibly be habitable. The natural satellite has an enormous ocean twenty times deeper than earth's and is covered by a thick, icy shell. Boise State University's First Friday Astronomy Lecture presents JPL's Dr. Samuel Howell to talk about NASA's Clipper Mission to Europa. This segment originally aired on February 1, 2019.

Alisha Donahue and Jynx Jenkins are Lady Bizness - a comedy duo that pokes fun at both the most routine and ridiculous aspects of everyday life. They perform at Liquid Lounge in May and they join us in studio to talk about what is so damn funny about Boise. This segment originally aired on March 5, 2019.

- Sadie the dog's best friend Penny received an e-tablet as a gift and as soon as she logged on to the internet, their friendship began to suffer. "Sadie Sees Trouble" looks at the balance of screen time and real life in the context of a children's book. Idaho Matters speaks to the book's author, Linda Jarkey, about turning a didactic message into entertaining children's literature. This segment originally aired on January 9, 2019.