On The Wednesday, June 12, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Jun 11, 2019
  • Idaho's first pediatric trauma center opens.
  • The legalities of hemp, pot and CBD in Idaho.
  • Lynda Wolters captures the voices of cancer patients in print.
  • Cathedral of the Rockies Orchestra to perform in Europe.

- St. Luke's has opened the first dedicated pediatric trauma center in Idaho and we speak with Dr. Kathryn Beattie and Dr. Kendra Bowman of filling this medical niche in a growing community.

- The state is putting the screws to out-of-state hemp industries by refusing to recognize federal hemp transport guidelines. Idaho Matters speaks with Concordia University School of Law associate professor Ryan Stoa about pot, hemp, the law and you.

- Author Lynda Wolter suffers from a rare form of cancer that is terminal. She used the written word to bring attention to the commonalities people have with each other in an effort to draw communities together. Wolter joins Idaho Matters to discuss her latest book that collates the voices of cancer patients and survivors.

- 20 years ago, Cathedral of the Rockies music director Paul Aitken composed a choral piece that captures the hope and despair felt by WWI soldiers on the fields of Flanders in Belgium. This month, Aitken will travel to Flanders to conduct a performance of "Flanders Fields" and he joins Idaho Matters to talk about the importance of the piece and performing it at the site of its inspiration.