Wet Winter For Idaho Predicted By Farmer's Almanac

Sep 12, 2018

Using what it calls a "secret formula" to predict the weather, the Old Farmer's Almanac says southern Idaho will see a mostly rainy winter with above average temperatures.
Credit Will Hastings / Flickr

Fall is just around the corner, and – according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac – a wet winter will follow.

The reference book, which has been consistently published since 1792, is calling for Idaho and the surrounding region to have a fairly mild winter with a bit of snow. It’s predicting a warmer-than-average winter with below average levels of precipitation.

The Statesman says the almanac is favoring rain for southern Idaho over snow and ice.

While the book predicts a somewhat mild winter, it’s forecasting a sweltering 2019 summer. The almanac says, on average, next summer will be around five degrees above normal.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which features planting schedules, folklore and recipes, says its insight into the weather is garnered by way of a secret formula. The almanac claims its forecasts are around 80 percent accurate.

Those who don’t subscribe to the folksy wisdom and predictions of the book can look to modern science. The almanac said last winter would be colder than usual and bring a lot of snow. It was warmer than normal and saw below average snowfall. Ahead of the record-setting frigid winter of 2016-17, the almanac called for above normal temperatures.

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