Where To Vote In Ada County?

Mar 9, 2012

BOISE, ID – Voters throughout Idaho decide Tuesday on raising property taxes for public schools.  But it can be unclear where to vote if you live in Ada County.

Where people go to cast votes on supplemental school levies in Canyon County is pretty clear.  The website directs them to their usual polling places.  But where to go in Ada County is murkier.  Phil McGrane is Chief Deputy at the County Clerk’s office.  He says voters won’t find this information on their website.

Phil McGrane:  “They won’t be able to.  The sources that they’ve maybe have traditionally gone to like Idahovotes.gov are currently being updated due to the redistricting.”

Ada County’s website tells people to call the elections office to find out where to go.  McGrane says voters should go to their old polling locations.  Most have stayed the same, but not all.

Phil McGrane:  I believe it’s two or three.  It’s not very significant and that happens each election just based on the facility’s availability.

McGrane says if their location has changed, registered voters would have received a post card.  Early voting on the Boise School District levy has been brisk at the Ada County elections office.

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