Why One Idaho Company Is Growing Its Own Workforce

Jul 16, 2012

About half of all Idaho jobs fall into the middle-skills category.  Think mechanics, welders, police officers, or air traffic controllers.  These are jobs where you need more than a high school diploma, but less than a college degree.

According to the National Skills Coalition, not quite half of Idaho’s workers are trained for these jobs.  While many Idaho schools are ramping up efforts to train workers, the pipeline isn’t full yet, so one Idaho business has taken training into its own hands.

Meet Chelsea Schulz.  She never dreamed of being a mechanic.  Schulz lives in Pasco, Washington where she started college a few years ago to become a grade school teacher.

“I love kids, but I can’t be in a classroom all day long sitting there," she says.  "So, I ended up bouncing around on jobs, seeing what I liked doing.”

The job that really made an impression on Schulz was working at an auto shop, but she knew she wanted to do more than change tires every day.  Click here to continue reading...