WILD Workshops Help Teachers Bring Wildlife Into The Classroom

Jul 15, 2019

Idaho Fish and Game’s environmental education program is moving into another busy summer. WILD, which stands for Wildlife in Learning Design, hosts dozens of classes throughout the year for teachers to learn how to incorporate wildlife into their curricula.


WILD is a national program, with branches managed by most states’ fish and game departments. Lori Adams has been coordinating Idaho’s WILD program for 18 years. She says these courses help weave wildlife science into subjects you might not think of.


“To get kids excited about geography, they can teach about where the salmon travel.”


Workshops focus on a particular age group, single species or class subject. 


With teachers out for the summer, these classes are pretty popular. The state offers more of these programs in the summer, but classes still fill up quickly


More information can be found on Idaho Fish and Game’s website


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