Will The Treasure Valley Have Enough Water In 50 Years?

Apr 4, 2016

In 50 years, the Treasure Valley will need three times the water it currently uses. That’s according to a new study commissioned by the Idaho Water Resource Board.

The board is looking at how to meet current and future water needs in the valley.

Brian Patton is chief of the board’s Planning Bureau. He says the population is likely to grow from 600,000 people to 1.57 million, and all those people will need more water.

“Domestic, Commercial, Municipal and Industrial water needs in the Treasure Valley could increase from the current level of 110,000 acre feet per year, to a range of between 270-390,000 acre feet per year, depending on a variety of factors,” says Patton.

According to the study, indoor water use will go up from 55,700 acre feet per year to 61,300. Those numbers take into effect water conservation from homeowners.

Patton says they’re looking at conservation as well as a variety of ways to obtain more water, including more ground water pumping and reusing sewage water.

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