Women Seeking Abortion Won't Need Ultrasound

Mar 27, 2012

Women wanting an abortion won't need an ultrasound in Idaho. State lawmakers were considering a measure to make that the case.  Right to Life advocates wanted this legislation to persuade more women to say no to an abortion.  Over the last two months, the mandate sparked rallies and fierce debate.  Sen. Chuck Winder (R-Boise) said “I just see that there's a higher, at least in my opinion, need to protect the unborn and to respect the life of the developing child.”

Others felt differently including Boise resident Sue Philley.  “Several have likened this un-American attack on wives, daughters, friends, and children’s privacy to the Taliban and Sharia law.”

Under the bill, any woman seeking an abortion would be required to have a trans-vaginal or an abdominal ultrasound, at her expense.  Hannah Brass is with Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest.  She’s pleased the bill isn't going anywhere this session. “This goes too far and the public I think let the Legislature know and we’re just really pleased that they saw that, that they too, that into account and stopped it before it was too late.” 

The ultrasound legislation had cleared the Senate but it's been held up in the House State Affairs Committee, as lawmakers pondered whether it should move forward.  Tuesday, Committee Chairman Rep. Tom Loertscher (R-Iona) told the bill's supporters it wouldn't get a hearing.  That prompted Jason Herring, the President of Right to Life of Idaho to write a statement. 

“Due to misconceptions about SB 1387, the complexity of this issue, and the lack of time left in the session, we have decided to pull Senate Bill 1387 to work on concerns with plans to bring it back next year.  We want to commend the diligent work and efforts of Senator Chuck Winder and Representative Janice McGeachin, as well as Senators Curt McKenzie, Sheryl Nuxoll, Steve Vick, Shirley McKague, and Representatives Brent Crane, Gayle Batt, Vito Barbieri, Reed DeMordaunt, Paul Shepherd, Judy Boyle, and Carlos Bilbao. Senate Bill 1387 protects a woman's right to view and a child's right to be seen. Children in the womb cannot speak, cry, vote, text, email, phone call, or petition their government for redress of grievances. But children in the womb can be seen if we allow them. They deserve the right to be seen just as every woman deserves the right to make a fully informed decision about abortion. Women cannot make a fully informed decision if they are kept in the dark about the reality, visibility, and humanity of the life growing and developing within their womb. This debate is far from over. And we are committed to the passionate pursuit of truth and justice for Idaho's women and children - our future generations.”

Jason Herring, president
Right to Life of Idaho

Seven states require an ultrasound before an abortion.