Wyoming, Utah, Idaho Most Republican States In The Country

Feb 5, 2015

Idaho is the third-most Republican state in the nation, according to a new Gallup survey.

Gallup finds Idaho has a 25.2 percent Republican advantage, only Wyoming and Utah lean more toward the red.

Gallup came to its conclusion by interviewing more than 177,000 Americans during 2014. The results show the upper west-central part of the country is heavily Republican.

States ranked by Republican advantage:

  1. Wyoming: 35.5
  2. Utah: 33.1
  3. Idaho: 25.2
  4. South Dakota: 18.4
  5. Montana: 17.7
  6. Alabama: 14.1
  7. Kansas: 12.3
  8. Tennessee: 11.3
  9. North Dakota: 11.1
  10. Nebraska: 10.9

"There has been more variation in the Republican top 10 over time, with 17 different states appearing at least once since 2008. Wyoming and Utah have been the two most Republican states each year, with Idaho placing third in all but two years. In addition to those states, Kansas and Nebraska have ranked in the top 10 every year. Montana, Alabama, North Dakota and Alaska have been in the top 10 all but one year." - Gallup

Idaho has been a Republican-dominated state for the last 20 years, although one of Idaho's longest-serving governors was a Democrat.

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