Young Idaho Grizzly Gets New Home In Texas

Sep 25, 2018

A young grizzly bear found eating human food and hanging around people was trapped by Idaho Fish and Game and taken to a Texas wildlife sanctuary. The yearling was spending time in the Flat Rock and Coffee Pots campgrounds and near Mack's Inn in Eastern Idaho.

It's the third bear, and the second grizzly, to be moved this year in Idaho after people left out food for the animals. The first two bears from eastern Idaho had to be put down. That's due in part because wildlife facilities often won't take older bears.

The animal that was moved to the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary in Texas was about a year old. Idaho Fish and Game officals say grizzlies usually stay with their family unit for up to two years. Officials don't know why this young bear was all alone.

The bear had been relocated once to a wild area, but was hooked on human food. Officials had to decide between putting it down or finding it a permanent home. The bear will never be able to be released into the wild again.

Fish and Game says over the last 20 years, more grizzlies have moved into southeast Idaho. But conflicts between humans and bears have been few until recently. The Department blames an increase in conflicts on homeowners and campers who leave out food, trash and bird feed, which attract the bears.

Officials remind people living and playing in bear country to secure food and garbage from bears.

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