Zoo Boise Bringing A Little Bit Of Africa To Idaho

Apr 10, 2018

Zoo Boise broke ground on a new exhibit last week, highlighting their partnership with a wildlife park in Africa.

Zoo Boise has been working with Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique for the past few years, as the park continues to rebuild its animal stock and environment after two wars. The Zoo has funded studies of lions and antelope in the park, along with awarding it other conservation grants.

Zoo Boise Executive Director Gene Peacock says the new Idaho exhibit will replicate the entrance gate to Gorongosa, including a guard shack and a gate. 

The exhibit will feature animals you would see in Gorongosa, or species that are closely related to them.

“We’re going to be bringing in African Hunting Dogs, we’re going to be bringing in an African Otter species, a Baboon species, so these are all new animals to Zoo Boise, crocodiles,” says Peacock.

The buildings will also be designed to look as though you’re walking through Africa.  

Donors raised $8.9 million dollars for the latest building campaign to help pay for the new exhibit. Peacock hopes to open the Gorongosa wing in the summer of 2019.

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