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The Fort of Drag joins the plethora of "forts" this year at Treefort and events include performances, panel discussions and a drag queen story hour. We talk with Fort of Drag creator and director Cole Calvin and community liaison Gabrielle Davis about using Treefort to connect with the area's transgender community.


The region's volcanoes represent the northeastern portion of the Pacific's "Ring of Fire" and 12 million years ago, Idaho saw much more volcanic activity than it does today. The latest installment of Wanna Know Idaho imagines a Gem State covered in lava-spewing volcanoes.


Addiction treatment agencies in Idaho are working together to share resources to help battle the opioid addiction epidemic. We speak with Norma Jaeger, executive director of the statewide Recovery Idaho about these efforts.


About 200 students left classes in the Treasure Valley on Friday to gather at the state capitol to bring attention to climate change. Idaho Matters speaks with organizers Elise Malterre and Liam Neupert about this global demonstration.

  • High school students in Boise and worldwide protest climate change inactivity.
  • Addiction treatment agencies join together to create a support network.
  • Wanna Know Idaho Asks "What was Idaho like when it was volcanic?"
  • The Fort of Drag brings queens and kings to Treefort.

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The Off Center Dance company rolls out their 2019 spring program this week with 'Blur' - featuring new choreography from OCD dancers and a high-tech collaboration from founder Kelli Brown and The Idaho Virtual Reality Council. Idaho Matters talks with OCD's Lisa Whitwell and Katie Ponozzo and Idaho Virtual Reality Council board member (and OCD performer) Jim Bradbury.

Antonio Chaves / wikimedia

Idaho officials are discussing a multi-year project that would put charging stations throughout the state to accommodate electric vehicle owners. Idaho Matters checks in with Adam Richins of Idaho Power and Courtney White, a Boise State adjunct professor of strategy and innovation.

Matt Guilham sits in for a vacationing Gemma Gaudette to lead a round table discussion of the week's headlines with the region's top journalists. This week, Idaho Matters speaks with Scott McIntosh of the Idaho Press, Don Day of and Seth Ogilvie of IPTV's Idaho Reports.

  • Our team of regional reporters breaks down the week's headlines.
  • State officials mull placing charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Idaho.
  • Off Center Dance combines movement and virtual reality.


Trumpeter swan cygnets are dying at a startling rate, threatening the swan populations of the West. We talk with Camas Refuge Manager Brian Wehausen and wildlife biologist Andrea Kristof about what is causing these declines.


We (try) to sleep about a third of our lives and this week is National Sleep Awareness Week. On Thursday's Idaho Matters, we look at how we can improve the quality of our slumbers with Dr. William Thompson, medical director of the Sleep Medicine Institute.

Skye Borgman

Netflix debuted a documentary in February that detailed the terror and exploitation one man brought on a Pocatello family more than forty years ago. Abducted in Plain Sight tells the story of the Brobergs and how a family friend manipulated them to sexually assault and kidnap their daughter. Idaho Matters talks with Jan Broberg about her experience and Skye Borgman, director of the film.

Idaho Matters speaks with state senator Grant Burgoyne (D-Boise) and retired educator Jean Heinscheid about pending legislation that would make secondary education more obtainable for Idahoans.

  • Abducted In Plain Sight tells the bizzare story of a Pocatello family.
  • National Sleep Awareness Week wants you to remember to sleep.
  • Researchers are asking why baby trumpeter swans are dying off.


The Fundsy charity auction has raised more than $8 million for Treasure Valley organizations and we talk with Carolyn Holly and Meredith Stead about how the non-profit is helping other non-profits.