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Matt Guilhem / Boise State Public Radio

World-renowned architect Moshe Safdie has been commissioned to design the new Boise Library main branch. Boise State Public Radio's Matt Guilhem had the opportunity to sit down and discuss design with the designer and find out more about his ongoing fascination with libraries.

  • Boise Mayor David Bieter brings us up to date with the state of the city.
  • Safe Sleep Awareness Month brings attention to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Architect Moshe Safdie discusses library design with Boise State Public Radio's Matt Guilhem.

credit: youtube

'This Is My Brave' is a community performance of storytellers sharing their experiences in an effort to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness. Through song, poetry and the spoken word, performers address the sometimes uncomfortable topics surrounding mental health and we talk with one of the performers about the upcoming performance.


The historic homes along Warm Springs will be highlighted in the 16th Annual Heritage Homes Tour on October 7. Sponsored by Preservation Idaho, the event draws attention to various neighborhoods in Ada County to maintain the architectural legacy of Boise's past. We speak with organizers of the tour and look at why it is important to preserve homes in the region.


The combination of rising housing rates and increased drug abuse has facilitated growth in the area's homeless population and a greater need for healthcare services. We look at providing medical services for homeless Idahoans with representatives from Interfaith Sanctuary and the Boise Rescue Mission.

CREDIT: BLM/flickr

The Trump Administration is issuing leases on public lands in 10 western states for oil and gas drilling. Critics have accused the administration of rushing the leases without adequate public input and on Friday, a federal court sided with environmentalists by ordering the reinstatement of public participation. We look at the impact this could have on Idaho's wilderness with Boise State professor of public policy John Freemuth.

  • Area agencies provide healthcare options for the Treasure Valley's homeless population.
  • The Trump Administration's public land policies could affect Idaho.
  • Storytellers try to eliminate the stigmas surrounding mental health through performances.
  • Preservation Idaho highlights historic houses with Heritage Homes Tour.

'No Greater Law' investigates the practices of the Followers of Christ, a religious sect that believes prayer, not medicine, can heal the ill and injured. The rural Idaho adherents face a mortality rate 10 times that of the state's average and we talk with the film's director about the sect and making the documentary.


Who takes care of caregivers when they burnout from giving care? Physician burnout is very real and we look at efforts by St. Luke's and the Ada County Medical Society to alleviate the stresses felt by members of the medical community.

diana dejesus/facebook

Diana DeJesus moved to Boise from West Palm Beach to recruit for the University of Idaho's law school but she found a passion in connecting people and businesses in her off time. Her Instagram account, Boise Bucket List, has accumulated nearly 30,000 followers and DeJesus joins Idaho Matters to talk about making those B2B connections and how social media changed the networking game.

Story Story Night

Story Story Night "fosters powerful connections that change lives" through live storytelling. The storytelling is presented as "slams" - as competitions between presenters. This season culminates in the "Slammer of the Year" competition this Tuesday at the Meridian Speedway. We meet the organizers of Story Story Night and learn about the connection between storytelling and auto racing.

  • A documentarian chronicles the followers of faith healing.
  • Preventing physician burnout: caring for the caregivers.
  • A Boise entrepreneur brings businesses together.
  • Story Story Night brings competitive storytelling to the Meridian Speedway.


Host Gemma Gaudette leads a round table discussion of the week's headlines with the region's top journalists. This week we are joined by Idaho Public Television's Melissa Davlin and Seth Ogilvie and BoiseDev's Don Day.

TEDx is searching for speakers in the Boise area and we'll speak with a TED coach about preparing presentations and we'll meet a speaker who can attest to the months of practice that go into delivering a TedX Talk.

The Idaho Women's Charitable Foundation has contributed nearly $4 million to nonprofit organizations in Southwest Idaho and beyond. The IWCF is sponsoring a symposium addressing poverty and homelessness in the region and we speak with organizers and participants with the event.