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City Club Of Boise: Retirement

Morgan Keating
City Club of Boise

The retirement savings landscape is changing. Can Idaho help make it easier? 

Just 36% of working Americans think their retirement savings are on track, according to the Federal Reserve. A full quarter of American workers haven't saved a dime. In Idaho, the statistics are just as grim. An Idaho state Office of Performance Evaluation report found this year that just four in 10 Idaho private-sector workers have a retirement plan at work — and the smaller the business, the less likely it is to provide one. Yet studies show that this kind of payroll deduction has a significant impact on a person's retirement savings. 



  1. Angela Antonelli, Georgetown University Center for Retirement Initiatives

  2. Lupe Wissel, State Director, AARP Idaho

  3. Pam Eaton, Idaho Retailers Association and Idaho Lodging Association

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