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On The Monday, November 26, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters

  • A Boise chipmaker is victim of corporate espionage
  • One in three parents will not get flu shots for their kids
  • Story Story Night braves the "elements"
  • A documentary that shows redemption on LA's skid row

- The Department of Justice has filed charges against two Chinese memory chip manufacturers accused of stealing proprietary information from Boise-based Micron. Idaho Matters speaks with the Wired magazine reporter who has been covering this story.

- The CDC reported 185 youth deaths as a result of the flu last season. One in three parents will not get flu shots for their kids. We'll look at the dangers of not getting annual flu shots for both your kids and the community.

- Story Story Night's 2018-2019 Flagship Season will look at all things "elemental" as performances are presented as reflections of life through the prism of earthly elements. The season debuts Tuesday with "Carbon" and Idaho Matters will speak with author Reema Zaman.

- The documentary Skid Row Marathon tells the story of four men who were inspired by a California judge to use marathon running to lift themselves up from Los Angeles' infamous homeless corridor. Interfaith Sanctuary is sponsoring a viewing of the film on Monday, December 3. Idaho Matters talks with the film's director, Gabi Hayes, about this inspiring story.

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