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On The Tuesday, November 12, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

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  • "Dark money" in politics. 
  • As property values rise, so do the taxes.
  • Idaho Philanthropy Day.
  • A look into Idaho's hunting season.

- Yesterday on Idaho Matters, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter alleged that City Council President Lauren McLean raised "dark money" for groups that are now funding her race. McLean defends her work and says her role was to support organizations "that seek to stem the tide of out-of-state dark money." So who is right? We talk with a Boise State political scientist and a Boise State Public Radio reporter following the race to help us understand. 

- Mountain West states contain the highest suicide rates in the country outside of Alaska, with many of these deaths coming from firearms. However, this went largely unstudied due to legislation disallowing Center for Disease  Control and Prevention funds to be used for advocating gun control; until now. Guns and America reporter Heath Druzin talks about a new study being conducted on firearm suicide.

- Property values have been rapidly rising in Boise and the Treasure Valley, but this has led to other issues. One of these is the increase in property taxes, that are based upon the current value of the home. We talk to Ada County Assessor about what homeowners should expect to see on their 2019 taxes.

- Philanthropy is something that is often associated with the ultra-wealthy donating large sums of money to charities and non-profits. However, there are other ways to act philanthropically, as three high school students from Idaho are demonstrating. Idaho Matters talks to these community-oriented youths and discovers what Idaho Philanthropy Day means to them.

- While for many the fall season marks the end of many outdoor adventures, some Idahoans wait all year for it, as it marks the beginning of hunting season. After several weeks of the opening of the season, Idaho Matters looks into the current season with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game.

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