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On The Thursday, November 14, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

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  • A look at gun suicide research.
  • Mental health and motherhood.
  • An investigation of the "insanity defense."
  • Online educational tools.

- Studies on firearm suicides have not been readily pursued, due to a piece of legislation that disallows the Center for Disease Control and Prevention from using any federal funds to advocate for gun control. However, the CDC has found an avenue to pursue a new study in 10 states, including Idaho, on firearm suicides. Guns & America reporter Heath Druzin talks to Idaho Matters about why this could be groundbreaking research.

- Many people describe the birth of their child as the best moment of their lives. But for some mothers, pregnancy, childbirth and the early phase of motherhood come with spells of sadness and depression. In Boise, there's a program at Saint Alphonsus Hospital that aims to help women get through this process with new coping skills. 

- The insanity plea is used so that those with severe mental trauma are not unjustly punished for actions that are out of their conscious control. However, three states in the Mountain West do not have an official insanity defense, but that may soon change. Mountain West News Bureau reporter Madelyn Beck joins Idaho Matters to talk about why and how this defense might be implemented.

- Idaho has been attempting for years to encourage more of its students to continue their education at the collegiate level. But now, the Idaho State Board of Education is trying new avenues online to help encourage college readiness. Idaho Matters discusses these new tools with members of the board.

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