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Boise State University Professor Frees Innocent Man After 18 Years In Prison

Georgia Innocence Project


In 1993, a Georgia man named Kerry Robinson was accused of raping a woman at gunpoint. He served 18 years in prison – but he was innocent.

"This has been a big battle." - Boise State biology professor Greg Hampikian

Greg Hampikian is a biology professor at Boise State University and has spent a decade working to free Robinson through the Georgia Innocence Project. Hampikian calls this "the biggest work of his career." 

"This has been a big battle," he said in an interview on Idaho Matters. 

Just last week, Hampikian received a call saying Robison would be released from prison after the DNA evidence that put him in prison was proven to be faulty. He joined Idaho Matters to talk about what it took to prove Robinsons innocence after almost 20 years behind bars, and the challenges of relying on certain kinds of DNA testing in criminal cases. 

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Samantha Wright is a news reporter and producer for Idaho Matters.