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A look at Idaho's initiative process and how it could change

James Dawson
Boise State Public Radio News

A proposal working its way through the Idaho legislature would change the way a citizen initiative gets on the ballot.

Right now anyone wanting to get their initiative to a vote of the people must get a required number of voter signatures from 18 legislative districts in Idaho. The new proposal would change that, requiring a minimum number of signatures from all 35 districts.

Supporters of the change say it will “more fairly distribute voter involvement” and “eliminate the current practice of “venue shopping” by well-funded activist organizations.” Opponents say it will make it harder to get a citizen initiative on the ballot.

The Ballot Initiative Strategy Center is one of those opponents. They track ballot measures around the country and they also train ballot measure activists and provide strategic advice on how to run and win ballot measure campaigns.

Gin Moore is the Senior Manager of the Defend Direct Democracy Campaign at the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center and she joins Idaho Matters to talk more.

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