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"Cover Your Tracks" By Daco Auffenorde

On today’s program, Daco Auffenorde talks with us about her thrilling novel, Cover Your Tracks. The book centers on two strangers, Margo Fletcher and Nick Eliot, the sole survivors of a violent trainwreck in the Rockies. Stranded in a snowstorm without food, water, or heat, all while Margo is eight months pregnant, the pair must flee the shelter of a passenger car and escape into the wilderness. There they fend off the deadly cold as well as predatory wild animals foraging for food. Eventually, Nick leads Margo to shelter in a watchtower atop a mountain. There, we learn that both Margo and Nick have secrets that have brought them together and threaten to destroy them.

Daco Auffenorde is an award-winning author of thriller and suspense books. She is a member of the International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, and Authors Guild. Cover Your Tracks was named the Best of 2020 by Suspense Magazine.

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