Stock/Securities Gifts

Make a gift of stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Stock donations are a common way your tax advisor may suggest making your charitable contributions to Boise State Public Radio. Many donors benefit from a charitable deduction equal to the value of the securities and avoid capital gains tax.

Boise State University Foundation is the 501(c)930 that receives gifts of securities on behalf of Boise State Public Radio.

Please contact Boise State University Foundation at (208) 426-3276 with the information below. If you prefer, your financial advisor or broker can make this call on your behalf.

  • Full name and address of donor
  • Brokerage firm and financial advisor
  • Name of the stock or security, including symbol
  • Number of shares and date you plan to contribute
  • Gift designation: Boise State Public Radio

You can help expedite gift processing by alerting our membership team that your gift will arrive soon. Contact Chelan Lippincott at (208) 616-3616 or

Depository Trust Company (DTC) Information

Charles Schwab & Co.
DTC Participant: 0164 Code 40
Account Name: Boise State University Foundation
Account: #4168-3539