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Boise’s November mayoral race saw no one candidate win more than the required 50% vote. Today, incumbent mayor Dave Bieter and City Council president Lauren McLean will face each other again.


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 Boise Mayor Dave Bieter came out swinging Monday in an interview about his upcoming runoff election. Appearing on Boise State Public Radio’s Idaho Matters, he criticized is opponent, City Council President Lauren McLean.



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Last week, incumbent Mayor Dave Bieter came in second with just 30% of the vote in his re-election bid to lead Boise. Now, he's headed to a runoff election with Boise City Council President Lauren McLean who took 46% of the vote. Bieter joins Idaho Matters to talk about what he learned from last week's upset, and the contrast he hopes to draw between himself and McLean leading up to the December 3 runoff. 

Clarification: In the audio of this interview, Mayor Bieter said there are three debates or forums planned between now and December 3. Lauren McLean's campaign clarified that they have only agreed to one forum so far: the City Club of Boise event which is slated for November 12. 

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Incumbent mayor Dave Bieter and City Council President Lauren McLean will go head to head in this historic race next month. But preparing for the election on short-term notice will be challenging.


Lauren McLean

In a surprising turn of events, incumbent Boise Mayor Dave Bieter took just 30% of the vote in Tuesday's election, while City Council President Lauren McLean took 46%. Since neither gained a majority, Boise is preparing for its first mayoral runoff on December 3. We talk with McLean to find out what her next steps will be. 

Note: Idaho Matters reached out to Mayor Bieter for an interview. He declined our initial request but says he will join the show next week. 

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Mayor Dave Bieter is already Boise's longest-serving chief executive. But he says his public service is far from over. That's why he's running for a precedent-setting term of office.

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Boise City Councilwoman Lauren McLean said people had encouraged her for years to "step into the arena." But it wasn't until this past May that she formally decided to challenge Boise Mayor Dave Bieter in this year's general election.

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Adriel Martinez is one of six men and women challenging incumbent Dave Bieter in the race to see who should be the Mayor of Boise. Martinez isn't a stranger to politics. In 2015, he ran an unsuccessful race against Boise City Councilman Scot Ludwig. Now, Martinez has his eye on Boise's top job.

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Cortney Nielsen is one of the seven men and women running to be Boise's mayor. She's a political novice. She says she's running for Boise's top job because people want, in her words, "fresh, new ideas."

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Wayne Richey is, perhaps, the most provocative candidate on the ballot in the race for who should be the mayor of Boise. Richey advocates for making Boise less attractive, so that fewer people move to the area. He blames new residents for driving up the cost of living.

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Rebecca Arnold is no stranger to the public eye. She's currently the president of the Ada County Highway District Commission and spent nearly a dozen years on the board of the Idaho Association of Highway Districts. But now, she has her eye on Boise City Hall.

Of the seven men and women running for Boise mayor this year, the most surprising candidate is Brent Coles. After serving as Boise Mayor from 1993-2003, Coles resigned from office. He was subsequently indicted on charges of fraud and misuse of public funds and sent to jail.

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Over the past year, the Blaine County School District has been at the center of controversies.


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Early voting has begun in several Idaho counties, which can provide insight into voter turnout before election day comes comes November 5. One of the highest profile races is the Boise mayoral race, where incumbent Dave Bieter seeks a fifth term in office. Idaho Press reporter Margaret Carmel covers city hall, and gives her take on the upcoming election.

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Six candidates running for mayor of Boise were recorded at a forum presented by the City Club of Boise and the League of Women Voters at Boise's library at Hillcrest.

The forum from Thursday, October 10th covered a wide range of topics including transit, homelessness, the potential F-35 mission at Gowen Field, affordable housing, and local option taxes.

Kelley Minars

Local elections are less than a month away and competition is heating up. With three front runners up for the Boise mayor seat, a runoff could happen, which would be the first runoff in the race’s history.


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 Seven people are running for the City of Boise’s top job. The crowded field of mayoral candidates means there's a chance no one will get a majority of votes November 5. If that happens, a historic runoff election will be prompted. We talk with a political pundit from the College of Idaho about the chances for a runoff, and why it should matter to voters.


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There are two initiatives up for a vote in November in the City of Boise. One is in regards to a new stadium, while the other deals with a possible new main library in downtown Boise. The group Boise Working Together is behind these grassroots initiatives, arguing there should be more citizen oversight and direction before costly civic endeavors are begun. Idaho Matters talks with members of the group to learn more.


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Four candidates for Boise mayor tried to win over an environmentally-conscious crowd Wednesday night during the race’s first debate hosted by Conservation Voters for Idaho.