2020 Census

U.S. Census Bureau

COVID-19 put many of the U.S. Census Bureau's efforts to ensure a complete count of the country's population on hold. The agency is starting a major component of its in-person outreach on Thursday, and Idaho is one of the first states where it'll be working.

U.S. Census Bureau

Before the coronavirus pandemic, nonprofits had big plans to encourage Idahoans to fill out the 2020 census. Across the state, face-to-face events were scheduled to educate people about the importance of filling out the form and to help them complete it in person. But the stay-at-home order hindered many of those efforts.

The U.S. Census Bureau had just begun field operations when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Now, as the agency is preparing to restart, it’s focusing on rural and tribal communities.

The social disruption brought about by the global pandemic has changed the way the U.S. Census is conducting its 10-year count in Idaho. Tom Michael explains.



US Census Bureau

Door-to-door census takers are a hallmark of the once-a-decade national survey. But that goes against the social distancing and isolation orders more and more states—including Idaho—are implementing. Even under these extraordinary circumstances, the U.S. census will be carried out this spring and summer. 

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Households in Idaho and across the country started getting information about how to fill out the 2020 census last week, and coronavirus concerns are making census officials and community organizers rethink how they do public outreach.


U.S. Census Bureau

As outreach efforts ramp up ahead of the next U.S. census, many people are confused about what the census means or how they can participate, according to a new report.


U.S. Census Bureau

The 2020 census count is coming, and it will determine where funding goes for things like schools, emergency services and health care. For the last several census counts, though, American Indians and Alaska Natives were the most undercounted ethnic group, limiting their access to funds.


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Idaho political, business and nonprofit leaders are gearing up to make sure everyone in the state is counted during next year’s census.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Tuesday over whether the Census may include a question about citizenship.

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Apr 23, 2019
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