2020 Election

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As the United States prepares for a general election complicated by the coronavirus pandemic, a new national survey finds that most Americans support making it easier to vote by mail in November.


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Tuesday, we will learn the results of Idaho's first vote-by-mail statewide primary. How might the changes election officials have been forced to put in place because of the coronavirus influence future elections?  

Molly Wampler / Boise State Public Radio

Idaho's 2020 Primary Election was already critical — all 125 seats in the legislature, both of Idaho seats in the U.S. House, a U.S. Senate seat and scores of county races and school bond/levies are on the ballot. But when the pandemic forced the primary to be an all-absentee election, it triggered an unprecedented number of ballot requests; and now the Gem State is poised to see the highest percentage of voter participation in a primary election in decades.

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Tuesday is your last chance to request a ballot in Idaho’s unprecedented all-absentee primary election.

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The coronavirus has changed almost every part of life globally. And here in Idaho, how we vote has changed, at least this spring. Tuesday's state primary election, where all 105 legislative seats are up for grabs, was supposed to be conducted primarily in-person. 

Need An Absentee Ballot For Idaho's Primary? You Have To Apply Soon! Here's How

May 13, 2020
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There will be no in-person voting in Idaho’s upcoming May 19 primary election. Instead, all voting will be through absentee or mail-in ballots.

But that means voters have to keep a few key deadlines in mind: May 19 and June 2. Here’s what to know:

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Idaho’s upcoming May primary will move to an all absentee ballot election next month to avoid transmitting the coronavirus, which will push back the results until June.

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The Idaho Secretary of State’s office is urging voters to get an absentee ballot instead of voting in-person during the upcoming May primary.


Presidential hopeful Joe Biden secured a convincing win in Idaho's Democratic Presidential Primary Tuesday. It was one of four primary wins that the former Vice President racked up in his political battle against former Idaho frontrunner Sen. Bernie Sanders.

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Presidential candidate Joe Biden had another round of wins last night, sweeping up four states, including Idaho.


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Idaho Democrats are preparing to vote in the party’s first-ever presidential primary in the state, after it scrapped its caucus system following problems four years ago. 

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Former presidential candidate Steve Bullock is officially running for a Montana Senate seat, making the Mountain West region a big player in Democrats’ push to flip the U.S. Senate.

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Democratic hopeful Michael Bloomberg has spent more than $460 million on his campaign. 

Audio from a 2015 speech by Michael Bloomberg is stirring outrage over his strident defense of stop-and-frisk policing. But in the speech, the former New York City mayor and 2020 presidential candidate also makes a series of claims about gun violence that at the time were widely known to be false or even harmful.

As Nevadans get ready to caucus this weekend, the nation should be paying attention. That’s because unlike Iowa and New Hampshire, where the first caucus and primary were held, respectively, Nevada’s population more closely mirrors the U.S. According to the U.S. Census, almost one-third of the state is Hispanic or Latino.

Update 9:45 a.m. PST: According to the state Democratic Party, more than 70,000 Nevadans took part in the early caucus voting period from Saturday through Tuesday.

The first wave of Democratic voters are casting their ballots in Nevada’s early caucuses, and the process looks different than in years past.

Aiming to boost turnout, Nevada Democrats instituted a four-day early voting period for the first time this year. It appears to be working. According to the state Democratic Party, more than 36,000 Nevadans took part in early caucus voting over the long weekend, and more than half of Saturday’s 18,000 voters were first-time participants.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders
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They affectionately call themselves "Bernie B's," "Berners" and even "Sanders' Siblings." A more conventional description would be ardent supporters of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign.

Idahoans, far and away, support President Donald Trump, at least when it comes to voting with their wallets.

There is much to fear in the dark corners of cyberspace. From well-covered stories like the Stuxnet attack which helped slow Iran’s nuclear program, to lesser-known tales like EternalBlue, the 2017 cyber battle that closed hospitals in Britain and froze shipping crates in Germany in midair, we have entered an age in which online threats carry real-world consequences.

Spending on gun policy advertisements has risen sharply in recent elections, researchers at Johns Hopkins University have concluded, amid widening political divisions within the gun debate.

Over four election cycles from 2012-2018, the study, “Guns In Political Advertising Over Four US Election Cycles,” found that ads referencing guns increased from 1% of total candidate-related advertisements, to over 8% in the 2018 cycle.

Survey: Americans Agree Health Care System Needs Fixing

Feb 6, 2020

Americans are divided on lots of issues. But a new national survey finds that people across the political spectrum agree on at least one thing: Our health care system needs fixing.


A National Survey On Immigration Led Me To A Rural Iowa Town Changed By Immigrants

Feb 4, 2020
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On a Monday night, a week before the Iowa caucuses, about 20 residents gathered at the Norelius library in Denison, Iowa, for a mock caucus. Latina activist Alma Puga, the organizer, called the caucuses the "Disneyland of politics."


Eyes are on Iowa as the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates gather there for the seventh debate. The Iowa caucuses take place in less than three weeks. It's the first contest of the primary.

At a rally last November in Las Vegas, a reporter noted Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet’s experience leading Denver Public Schools, and asked the presidential candidate, “With your experience in the education area, [how] would you use that experience as president to help the education system?”

It’s an unremarkable question—except for the fact that it was posed by a 12-year-old.