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Despite intense public pressure and threats of legal action, Gov. Brad Little has signed a bill making it significantly harder for citizens to get an initiative on the ballot.

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Gov. Brad Little has vetoed two bills that would constrict executive authority during an emergency and expand legislative powers.

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Idaho state Rep. Aaron von Ehlinger, a freshman Republican from Lewiston, is under investigation by the House ethics committee for allegedly raping an adult legislative volunteer.

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Idaho House lawmakers Thursday rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would’ve blocked the ability of citizens to legalize any drug through a ballot initiative.

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Idaho House lawmakers easily passed a measure that would block any level of government from imposing a mask mandate.

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A bill giving raises for public K-12 teachers died by a single vote in the Idaho House Tuesday, with many Republicans again saying there needs to be stronger protections against teaching children about social justice issues.

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A $6 million federal grant to boost early childhood education in Idaho passed the state Senate by a single vote Monday.

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After months of negotiations, the Idaho legislature has passed two bills in response to the pandemic that would reign in a governor’s power during an emergency.

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The Idaho Legislature reconvened earlier this week after a two-week break due to a COVID-19 outbreak among members. What bills have advanced this week, and what might they mean for your life? Idaho Matters digs in to the legislative news of the week. Plus: how COVID-19 variants could affect the state's fight against the virus.

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Idaho Republican legislative leaders are alleging the state health department is illegally collecting and maintaining an adult vaccination database.

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A proposed $389.4 million tax cut and rebate plan is heading out of committee to the full Idaho Senate for amendments.




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In the wake of a rash of COVID-19 infections at the Statehouse, triggering an historic pause of the Idaho Legislature, lawmakers return to Boise this week in an effort to finish up their 2021 session. Indeed, the legislature will have to approve a spending plan for the 2022 fiscal year. But scores of other bills still crowd the agendas of both the House and Senate.


The Idaho Legislature reconvenes Tuesday after several members of the lawmaking body tested positive for COVID-19 in march. The two-week recess means lawmakers are two weeks behind schedule to do the people’s business and then head back to the home districts until next January. 


Idaho's legislature is about to reconvene after a COVID outbreak, a look at a plan to send nuclear waste to the state, a serial killer convicted for heinous crimes in the 90s in North Idaho dies in prison, and an update on evictions happening in the Treasure Valley. 

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The Idaho Tax Commission has officially extended the state’s deadline for filing income taxes to May 17.

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The Idaho Legislature abruptly recessed the 2021 session Friday morning due to an outbreak of COVID-19 among lawmakers, putting their work on pause until April 6. So where does this leave the bills that have been making their way through committees over the last couple of months? And will the outbreak of the virus spur changes in protocols at the statehouse? The Idaho Matters Reporter Roundtable tackles these questions and more. 

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A COVID-19 outbreak in the Idaho Legislature has sidelined lawmakers there for two weeks as they try to get infections under control.

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Gov. Brad Little is reluctantly accepting nearly $1.9 billion in federal COVID relief money, with much of it to be used towards one-time, long-term projects.

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Idaho House Republicans passed a massive income tax cut Wednesday despite worries that it could put $1.8 billion of federal COVID relief money in jeopardy.

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Boise State University is suspending dozens of required undergraduate diversity classes after allegations that at least one student was “humiliated and degraded” for their beliefs.