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Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

A shop that sells Legos has to do more than just sell Legos, right? Tag along as Joel and LD explore a toy shop in a space that used to be a bank. And in case you were wondering: The tube at the drive-up teller window doesn't shoot down Legos—at least not yet.

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David Habben is a taphophile - a lover of cemeteries. The self-described "Tombstone Tourist" studies and documents the final resting places of Idahoans throughout history and he is presenting 'Who Lies Beneath?: The Treasure Valley' this evening at Jack's Urban Meeting Place. Habben joins Idaho Matters to talk about the dead buried beneath our feet.


Opera Idaho opened their 2018-19 season in September with a 100th anniversary tribute to Leonard Bernstein. They continue the season with standards including The MikadoAida and Don Giovanni as well as some modern works. We speak with Opera Idaho about this season's program and what's on the horizon for the 47-year-old company.

Amelia Rose Earhart Flies To Honor Her Namesake

Oct 15, 2018
amelia rose earhart/facebook

Amelia Rose Earhart's parents named her for the famous aviator, believing they were related. They're not, but that didn't snuff Amelia's passion for flight. Earhart will be speaking at the Boise Metro Chamber's annual gala and she joins us to talk about her adventures and how they have helped create the person she is today.

Experience Garden City encourages residents and visitors of the community to come out Friday night, stroll the attractions along the Boise River and get to know each other. We meet with members of the event's planning committee to explore the Garden City community.

Tom Michael / Boise State Public Radio

When most people think of the annual Trailing of the Sheep event in the Wood River Valley, they think about the moment when hundreds of sheep are marched through the center of Ketchum. The lesser-known part of the weekend, though, occurs in Hailey, with the sheepdog trials.


Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

For better or worse, society puts up a curtain around the process and business of death. This week Joel and LD stop into a business with the hopes of peeking through a bit.

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Boise Rock School Celebrates 10 Years

Oct 11, 2018
Boise Rock School

Boise Rock School is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week with a party featuring performances from their rock star students. Rock professors Ryan Peck and Sergio Gonzales join Idaho Matters to talk about Idaho's coolest academy.

The Idaho Horror Film Festival is coming to Boise for its fifth year of terrifying attendees and connecting developing filmmakers. In addition to screenings, the four-day festival will feature workshops and presentations to help Idaho filmmakers cultivate industry connections and hone their skills. Idaho Matters speaks with a festival organizer and a filmmaker about what makes horror films so alluring.

Olivia Weitz

It’s hard to learn how to form silver and engrave it from a YouTube video. Mastering the ins-and-outs of being a silversmith requires learning from someone in person. Expressive Idaho's Olivia Weitz visits an apprentice silversmith in Twin Falls to learn about this Western tradition.

Patricia Harrison, president and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, was a keynote speaker at September's Women and Leadership conference in Boise.  She joined Boise State Public Radio to discuss the evolving role of women in business and what the future holds for public broadcasting.

Becky Smith/

Domesticated sheep were brought to Southwest Idaho in the 1860's and helped support the state's economy as mining began to drop off in the late 19th century. The industry attracted herders from all over the globe and helped develop the fabric of Idaho's diverse population. In 1997, an event was created to celebrate the legacy of sheepherding in Idaho and from October 10 through 14, the Trailing of the Sheep Festival will take place in Hailey, Ketchum and Sun Valley.

Adam Gidwitz/Twitter

  The Basque Dragon is Newbery Honor winning author Adam Gidwitz's newest book in his Unicorn Rescue Society series. It is a tale of fantasy that takes the main characters on a cross-Atlantic adventure to Basque Country in search of a missing dragon.


Healthcare professionals are now becoming aware of the health implications of loneliness.  A Bend, Oregon doctor has developed Friendometry, a website to help kids make friends and he'll tell us about the juxtaposition of technology and social interaction.

Lacey Daley / Boise State Public Radio

If someone asks if you want to see the "stink room," you reply affirmatively, right? No? Was that just us? Anywho, join us as we head to Caldwell to learn about skunk lures and fireworks!

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Four early poems and an essay disappeared from poet Anne Sexton's oeuvre of work. They have been recently re-discovered and will be published this month in Fugue magazine. Idaho Matters speaks with the two poetry hunters who found the works.


Boise State Public Radio's Wanna Know Idaho answers the questions you have about our state. Host Frankie Barnhill joins Idaho Matters to explain Idaho's high gas prices.

Olivia Weitz

Salmon resident Jeff Minor loves leather. Specifically, he enjoys crafting rawhide into thin, braid-able strips he uses to make bolo ties, hatbands and all kinds of cowboy gear. Olivia Weitz traveled upstate to meet Minor for Boise State Public Radio's Expressive Idaho series and she joins Idaho Matters to tell us about this Western tradition.

boise state public radio

The second season of Boise State Public Radio's You Know The Place is under way and hosts Lacey Daley and Joel Wayne join Idaho Matters to talk about vaping, nudity and some of the unique locales in the Gem State.

lance pekus/facebook

Salmon native Lance Pekus attacks the American Ninja Warrior courses with the fury and style of a true Idahoan; in blue jeans and a cowboy hat. Pekus, the "Cowboy Ninja," joins Idaho Matters to talk about representing the Gem State in one of the most difficult physical competitions in the world.

boise state university

Boise State's Ryan Cannon, a filmmaker and an assistant professor in the Department of Communication, developed the Narrative Television Initiative to match students and professors with industry professionals to make feature films and television programs. We'll speak with Cannon and one of his student filmmakers about the upcoming second season of the initiative's program, "And Beyond."

Vianney Le Caer/Invision / AP Photos

It's the time of year where we start seeing ads about upcoming movies that might be Oscar contenders. Boise Weekly Film Critic George Prentice got a sneak peek of some of these films at the Toronto International Film Festival and fills us in on what's worth seeing at the theatre. Will "A Star Is Born" sweep the Oscars?

Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

We're kicking off our second season with a twist as we allow Joel to nominate ALL the vape shops on Overland in Boise. Well, kinda. 

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The historic homes along Warm Springs will be highlighted in the 16th Annual Heritage Homes Tour on October 7. Sponsored by Preservation Idaho, the event draws attention to various neighborhoods in Ada County to maintain the architectural legacy of Boise's past. We speak with organizers of the tour and look at why it is important to preserve homes in the region.

'No Greater Law' investigates the practices of the Followers of Christ, a religious sect that believes prayer, not medicine, can heal the ill and injured. The rural Idaho adherents face a mortality rate 10 times that of the state's average and we talk with the film's director about the sect and making the documentary.