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This interview originally aired Dec. 18, 2019. 


Most people today will walk around with a smartphone in their pocket, giving people access to worldwide communication, internet access, and computing power that was unfathomable even 20 years ago. However, smartphones have also given access to high quality cameras to everyone. Mountain West News Bureau reporter Madelyn Beck investigates the impact of this technological improvements on the photography industry.

Eric Follet

The James Castle House hosts artists of various backgrounds around the year. Named after the self-taught artist who lived in the home in the early to mid-20th century, the house allows current-day writers, painters, sculptors and more to break away from their daily return and focus deeply on a project. 

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The internment of Japanese Americans in Idaho during World War II is a dark part of our history that’s inspired art and social criticism. This Thursday and Sunday, the Idaho State Museum in Boise will screen a documentary, called “Bamboo and Barbed Wire,” on the Minidoka camp in South Central Idaho.


Idaho State Archives

We know about the delegates back in 1889 who wrote Idaho’s constitution. But who actually wrote it down, putting pen to paper to capture it for posterity?

Luma Jasim


Since the 1930s, the Boise Art Museum has been committed to showcasing local Idaho artists. Every three years, the museum selects a couple dozen Idaho artists — not limited by medium —for a special exhibit. 

While we're putting together the next season of You Know The Place, we thought you might enjoy a YKTP-inspired project hosted by a 7-year-old superfan, his dad, and his baby brother.

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Idaho’s largest and oldest performing arts organization is changing leadership. Laura Reynolds is the Boise Philharmonic’s new executive director, and joins Idaho Matters to talk about her new position. 

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Idaho Dance Theater is prepping for its latest performance. Coming up this week, the performance, called Vigor, will focus on active strength and energy of the body and the mind. Marla Hansen is the artistic director and joins Idaho Matters to talk more about the show. 


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We’re excited to share the most recent episode of our podcast Wanna Know Idaho. The podcast explores the curious elements of life in Idaho… with you, our listeners!

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This interview orginally aired Dec. 19, 2019


Les Bois Film Festival is returning to Boise this weekend. The event, which is locally produced, features films about conservation and the outdoors. 

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Most of us have some piece of art we love but never got around to hanging. It sits in storage, inspiring guilt and is never fully appreciated. 

Arlie Sommer / Expressive Idaho

The art of gun engraving is alive and well in eastern Idaho thanks to a few dedicated cowboys. 

The art of gun engraving is alive and well in eastern Idaho, thanks to a few dedicated cowboys who are willing to put in the hours of drawing and practice required. More than 50 years ago Dean Philbrick of Irwin, Idaho began to study the craft with a mentor. Now, through the Idaho Commission on the Arts’ Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program, Philbrick mentors aspiring engravers, helping ensure a storied art tradition lives on.

Sun Valley Film Festival


One of the highlights of Idaho’s entertainment calendar is the Sun Valley Film Festival, which continues to attract a combination of movie fans, Oscar-winning filmmakers and emerging actors and directors. 

Lucky Us Film / Narrative TV Initiative


The Narrative TV Initiative is a Boise State University program that gives students real world experience in the television production process through the creation from start to finish of a show. 

Nicholas A. Tonelli / HumaNature

  Hunting and acting are two ideas that don’t typically go together. 

Scott Samuelson / Idaho Center for the Book


Picture books aren’t just for kids, especially not when they’re made by Scott Samuelson. 

Idaho Public Television

“We, the people of the state of Idaho, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, to secure its blessings and promote our common welfare do establish this Constitution…”

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Expo Idaho is perhaps best known as the home of the Western Idaho Fair. County leaders are now asking citizens to participate in deciding how the site should be used.

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When more than 2,000 firefighters start climbing 69 flights of stairs in Seattle on March 8, each one will have their own reasons why they race to the top of the Columbia Center. 

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Story Story Night is celebrating a decade of sharing narratives and connecting with people, each month highlighting a different decade through themed stories. 

Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

Yesterday would have been Abraham Lincoln’s 211th birthday. 

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You know that feeling of being so hungry that your emotions get the best of you? 

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'La Boheme' is returning to Opera Idaho this weekend for the seventh time. The story of bohemian life in the Latin quarter in Paris in the 1830s is also "about the death of innocence" according to tenor Peter Drackley.