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Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

Luma Jasim resettled in Boise in 2008 with her family, five years after the U.S. invaded Iraq.


Wassmuth Center

The Wassmuth Center for Human Rights erected "The Spiral of Injustice," a sculpture to not just remind people of the inhumanity of the Holocaust, but to remember to love and value one another to avert another tragedy. We'll discuss the emotions this sculpture is stirring in the community.


Judith Stein has performed for nearly 50 years as a burlesque dancer, nicknamed "The Grand Beaver of Burlesque." She returns to Boise to perform "The Art of the Connection" at The Frankly Studio. Stein joins Idaho Matters to talk about a career in this lost art.

Courtesy Boise State

Idaho native William von Tagen is a filmmaker and actor who’s worked on movies here in the U.S. and in Germany. A graduate of Boise High School, von Tagen knew a career in cinema was what he wanted to pursue after doing a school project for a German language class.

The James Castle Primer looks at the life of the reclusive Idaho artist and on Thursday's Idaho Matters we speak with the managing partner of the James Castle Collection and Archive about the book.

Winter Wildlands Alliance

The Winter Wildlands Alliance puts on an annual film festival that focuses cameras on winter recreation in the American West. Idaho Matters visits the Backcountry Film Festival with its organizer and discusses the role of winter sports in the Western culture and economy. 

Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

Is there something out there (in the great, wide world) you've forever been curious to try, mainly because you think you'd be good at it? That was our experience at Boise Fencing Club. And *spoiler alert* — LD wasn't that good.

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PRX/Hans Anderson

PRX producer Hans Anderson shares this creepy tale from his explorations of a new home.

When things go bump in the Idaho night, Big River Paranormal is there to investigate. We'll meet these real-life ghost hunters and find out which parts of the state are most infested with the spirits of the departed.

Idaho State University / Spokane Public Radio

IPTV's Idaho Experience looks at the life of frontier poet Annie Pike Greenwood and some of the forgotten documentation that helps shed new light on her experiences on an Idaho farm. We speak with Idaho Public Television about the latest installment in the series.

Cocktails For Autumn

Oct 26, 2018

The changing of the seasons means the changing of the liquor cabinet and we look at cooler weather cocktails.

Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

The first rule of nudism: Nobody wants to sit in your butt juice. Why are we talking about nudism? Join LD and Joel as they make a road trip just 30 minutes outside of Boise to the side of a mountain populated by great people, plenty of laughs, and oh yeah—no clothing.

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Starry Story Night puts together seven storytellers for a night of chamber music and narrative entertainment. We talk to the event's organizers about what to expect.


Boom Tic Boom is a cinematic jazz ensemble led by drummer Allison Miller. She has been heard on NPR's Tiny Desk Concert and NBC's Late Night With Seth Meyers and she brings Boom Tic Boom to Surel's Place Tuesday evening as part of the outfit's 10th anniversary tour. Miller joins Idaho Matters to talk about following the footsteps of band-leading drummers like Gene Krupa, Shelia E and Buddy Rich.

Boise Contemporary Theater

A dead neighborhood dog, a man with a paper heart and stranded astronauts are just some of the fare on Boise Contemporary Theater's 2018/19 menu. Idaho Matters talks with BCT about some of the thought-provoking material on tap for this year, including a fish-out-of-water story about a New Yorker in Idaho.

q commons

Q Commons is a "two-hour live event that will educate Christians on how they can bring hope and leadership to their communities in a critical moment for America." Idaho Matters talks with the organizers of the event.

Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

A shop that sells Legos has to do more than just sell Legos, right? Tag along as Joel and LD explore a toy shop in a space that used to be a bank. And in case you were wondering: The tube at the drive-up teller window doesn't shoot down Legos—at least not yet.

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David Habben is a taphophile - a lover of cemeteries. The self-described "Tombstone Tourist" studies and documents the final resting places of Idahoans throughout history and he is presenting 'Who Lies Beneath?: The Treasure Valley' this evening at Jack's Urban Meeting Place. Habben joins Idaho Matters to talk about the dead buried beneath our feet.


Opera Idaho opened their 2018-19 season in September with a 100th anniversary tribute to Leonard Bernstein. They continue the season with standards including The MikadoAida and Don Giovanni as well as some modern works. We speak with Opera Idaho about this season's program and what's on the horizon for the 47-year-old company.

Amelia Rose Earhart Flies To Honor Her Namesake

Oct 15, 2018
amelia rose earhart/facebook

Amelia Rose Earhart's parents named her for the famous aviator, believing they were related. They're not, but that didn't snuff Amelia's passion for flight. Earhart will be speaking at the Boise Metro Chamber's annual gala and she joins us to talk about her adventures and how they have helped create the person she is today.

Experience Garden City encourages residents and visitors of the community to come out Friday night, stroll the attractions along the Boise River and get to know each other. We meet with members of the event's planning committee to explore the Garden City community.

Tom Michael / Boise State Public Radio

When most people think of the annual Trailing of the Sheep event in the Wood River Valley, they think about the moment when hundreds of sheep are marched through the center of Ketchum. The lesser-known part of the weekend, though, occurs in Hailey, with the sheepdog trials.


Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

For better or worse, society puts up a curtain around the process and business of death. This week Joel and LD stop into a business with the hopes of peeking through a bit.

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Boise Rock School Celebrates 10 Years

Oct 11, 2018
Boise Rock School

Boise Rock School is celebrating its 10th anniversary this week with a party featuring performances from their rock star students. Rock professors Ryan Peck and Sergio Gonzales join Idaho Matters to talk about Idaho's coolest academy.