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A new historic district on the fringe of downtown Boise goes into effect and it could save some historic homes. Host Gemma Gaudette talks to Dan Everhart, Outreach Historian at the State Historic Preservation Office and Paula Benson with Preservation Idaho.


This interview was originally broadcast October 1, 2018.

Salmon native Lance Pekus attacks the American Ninja Warrior courses with the fury and style of a true Idahoan; in blue jeans and a cowboy hat. Pekus, the "Cowboy Ninja," joins Idaho Matters to talk about representing the Gem State in one of the most difficult physical competitions in the world.

Cristi Dawson

According to a new survey pet ownership is on the rise across the country with around 60 percent of households having some sort of animal at home. And our region is especially pet-friendly.


This interview was originally broadcast September 5, 2018.

You hear our theme music on Boise State Public Radio several times a day. It's been stuck in our heads since April. We meet Will Hall, the man who composed the Idaho Matters theme.

Poet Kristen Tracy Chronicles Experience Growing Up Mormon

Dec 10, 2018

Idaho native Kristen Tracy uses poetry to chronicle her experience growing up Mormon and her later exodus from the church.


The 2019 Golden Globe Awards nominees were released today and Boise Weekly film critic George Prentice goes through the list.

The Consulate of Mexico in Boise and the Idaho Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are sponsoring the Original Mexican Chocolate and Coffee Fair to demonstrate the role of these products in Mexican culture and economy. Idaho Matters speaks with the Chamber about the event and why we can't live without coffee and chocolate.

Idaho's Jewish Pioneers

Dec 5, 2018
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As we approach the Hanukah halftime, Idaho Matters looks at the history of Jews in Idaho with Rabbi Daniel Fink of Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel.

Boise Bicycle Project

Every December, the Boise Bicycle Project coordinates with area schools, social workers and non-profit organizations to distribute bicycles to underprivileged children in the Treasure Valley. 

Idaho Black History Museum Exhibits A "Green Book"

Dec 4, 2018
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The film Green Book tells the story of an African-American musician and a white bouncer traveling through the Jim Crow-era South. The movie's title refers to "The Negro Motorist Green Book" - a travel guide prepared for African-Americans traveling by road between the 1930's and the 1960's. The book instructed travelers as to which motels were friendly, which restaurants served everyone and which towns to avoid. The Idaho Black History Museum is putting one of these books on exhibit and we'll talk about the 'green book' and other displays on exhibit.

Southern Idaho food Truck Association / Facebook

Many entrepreneurs are finding it easier to enter the food service industry using a food truck as opposed to traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants. Idaho Matters looks at the popularity and the proliferation of food trucks in the Treasure Valley.

The 2019 Idaho Shakespeare Festival program has been announced and it includes Petruchio & Katherina, an Agatha Christie classic, 76 trombones, the Ides of March and a lot of blue suede shoes. Charlie Fee and Hannah Read Newbill stop in to give us a preview of this year's Idaho Shakespeare Festival. 

Dryland Doggs LLC/Facebook

Dryland Dogs has created a line of products that will let you hitch your dog to a bike, scooter, cart - even skis - and pull you down the Greenbelt like an Iditarod champion. The owner of the Meridian-based company joins Idaho Matters to talk about this new dimension to outdoor recreation.

Frankie Barnhill /

Most of us grow out of our toys, but for model train enthusiasts, the tracks go on forever. We'll meet Darrell Sterling, a member of the Old Boise N-Scale Model Railroad Club, and find out why this hobby endures and why the holidays bring out the best in train modeling.

Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

Podcast season finales are for the birds, apparently. We didn't plan it that way but for the second time in a row we are rounding out the season with an avian theme. And if the World Center for Birds of Prey seems like a bucket-list thing to do, we agree. So does our special guest host (!!!!).

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Story Collider

Story Collider turns science into the spoken word. We'll find out why this global trend has people riveted to tales of science.

Scott Graf / Boise State Public Radio

Boise’s literary hub The Cabin will be moving to Julia Davis Park. The building is set to be relocated to make room for a new and bigger library that will be built along Boise’s Capitol Boulevard.

Caldwell To Host Ice Rink Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Nov 28, 2018
Caldwell ice rink
City of Caldwell via Facebook

Caldwell’s Indian Creek Plaza has sparked more tourism to the city’s downtown. One of the main features of the plaza is a brand new ice rink.

Poet Danez Smith Brings Multi-Faceted Perspective To Boise

Nov 27, 2018

Poet Danez Smith spits rhymes reflecting their exasperation as a black, gay, HIV-positive Minnesotan. They will be in Boise Tuesday evening presenting at The Egyptian as part of The Cabin's Ghosts & Projectors Poetry Reading Series and Smith joins Idaho Matters to talk about what inspires them and how to use poetry as a political tool.


Story Story Night's 2018-2019 Flagship Season will look at all things "elemental" as performances are presented as reflections of life through the prism of earthly elements. The season debuts Tuesday with "Carbon" and Idaho Matters will speak with author Reema Zaman.

Skid Row Marathon

The documentary Skid Row Marathon tells the story of four men who were inspired by a California judge to use marathon running to lift themselves up from Los Angeles' infamous homeless corridor. Interfaith Sanctuary is sponsoring a viewing of the film on Monday, December 3. Idaho Matters talks with the film's director, Gabi Hayes, about this inspiring story.

How To Tolerate Intolerable Guests At Thanksgiving

Nov 21, 2018

We all have that uncle who loves to espouse the virtue of a border wall or that cousin who gives you the stink-eye for eating turkey and is eager to discuss the nuances of the killing fields of Thanksgiving fowl. Idaho Matters talks with an etiquette consultant about how to tolerate the intolerable on Thanksgiving.

Pairing Wine With Thanksgiving Dinner

Nov 21, 2018

Because alcohol will surely play a role in dealing with family during the holidays, we discuss wine and cocktail pairings that go great with green bean casserole.

The Argyros Brings New Performance Space To Ketchum

Nov 21, 2018
The Argyros/Facebook

The Argyros is the newest performing arts center in Ketchum and it promises to deliver a "high-tech performance and event facility designed to inspire and enrich artists, residents and visitors from around the world." We learn about Ketchum's newest attraction.

S2: Nerfed

Nov 21, 2018
Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

Maybe the draw to a place like this is more obvious than we'd originally thought—I mean come on, it's Nerf guns. But we went. And we played. With seven-year-old boys. We have no regrets.

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