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Idaho State University professor Jeff Meldrum specializes in studying the bipedal locomotion of humans and he thinks this knowledge can be applied to the search for Bigfoot. We talk with Dr. Meldhrum about his quest to find this elusive creature.

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Those with an interest in cryptozoology should mark their calendars. A conference focusing on Bigfoot is coming to Pocatello.

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An Idaho anthropologist has risked his career in pursuit of what the rest of science considers a myth. Jeff Meldrum of Idaho State University is the nation’s lone academic trying to make the scientific case for Bigfoot. It’s no joke. Now he's even raising money to launch an unmanned aircraft that would scan the Northwest's forests for the large, hairy creature. Meldrum now hopes drones can finally prove his critics wrong.

Jeff Meldrum gets frustrated when he walks into Barnes and Noble. It's one of the stores that carries his book.