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With Thanksgiving now just a couple of days away, we have something special for you: a visit inside one of the busiest bakeries in Idaho. George Prentice takes us along on a trip to the Boise Co-op where his tour guide was the head baker, who was preparing for the hundreds of pies the store would sell before the holiday feast.

Boise Co-op

On any given day, nearly 500 items come from the ovens of the Boise Co-op bakery. But it's all hands on deck when it comes to Thanksgiving — as Co-op bakers push out a steady stream of pies, cakes, cookies and much more, from well before sunrise to deep into the evening.

boise co-op

The Boise Co-Op has hired Chef Jin Yang to serve as its culinary director. Yang comes from Portland with nearly 10 years experience as a corporate executive chef, a 2015 Portland Iron Chef win and the distinction of being named one of the country's most sustainable chefs. Jin Yang joins Idaho Matters to talk about upcoming food trends and what we can expect to see at the Boise Co-op this summer.

On The Tuesday, May 14, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

May 13, 2019

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  • Boise music festival will memorialize folk singer Rosalie Sorrels.
  • Losing weight with surgery.
  • Boise Co-op cements sustainability with a new executive chef.

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The Boise Co-op hired its first-ever CEO earlier this month. Michelle Andersen will oversee a staff of more than 200 and she joins Idaho Matters to talk about the future of this Treasure Valley institution.

On The Monday, March 25, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Mar 22, 2019

  • Treasure Valley school districts look to free, full day, five day kindergarten.
  • Boise Co-op hires first CEO.
  • Stinker Stores promote locally sourced products.
  • INL Cyber Security Division keeping an eye on radical bytes.

Snake River Seed Cooperative/Boise Co-op

The Snake River Seed Cooperative encourages regional growers to produce organic, non-GMO seed for both farmers and backyard gardeners. We meet the co-op's founder and director and learn why this program can lead to healthier communities and wealthier growers.

Boise Co-Op North End Local Organic
Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

The Boise Co-op has been in its North End location since 1996. And as of Friday, a second store will open at the Village shopping center in Meridian.

The Treasure Valley’s growth in recent years is one of the reasons the natural food store is expanding. Mo Valko is in charge of marketing for Boise Co-op. She says they’ve heard from members, or co-owners as she calls them, who want to shop at the North End store but don’t want to deal with traffic.

Boise Co-op

Update at 3:52 p.m.: The Boise Co-op reopened the store's deli following a health inspection Friday. Read more here.

The Boise Co-op’s deli is usually a bustling place. The North End store – which upgraded its deli in 2012 to stay competitive as chains like Whole Foods moved in – gets nearly a fifth of its business from the deli.

Boise Co-op To Open A Second Store

Jul 28, 2014

The Boise Co-op announced Monday that it would open a second store in the Village at Meridian.

Co-op marketing director Shannon McGuire says two surveys solidified managers goals of opening a second store.

“We asked our shoppers ‘what should we do, where should we go if we considered expansion?’” McGuire says. “And out of that came ‘yes, please do expand and go West.’”

McGuire says survey respondents picked Meridian as their top choice for a second store. The second-most requested store location was Nampa, and McGuire says that could someday become a reality.

Frankie Barnhill / Boise State Public Radio

Idaho’s first Whole Foods Market is now open. The much-anticipated new store features an array of organic foods, and an upstairs bar with only local beers on tap.

Jillian Vaughan works in the bakery. She is handing out bread samples.

“Organic whole wheat flour and organic seed mix,” says Vaughan. “So pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, organic poppy seeds, and it’s sweetened with honey and it has sea salt and yeast.”  

Vaughan is a Boise State student. And she’s one of the 175 Whole Foods employees from the Treasure Valley.