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When the coronavirus pandemic hit and left thousands of Americans out of work, one question kept popping up: what about rent? How can tenants pay for their housing when they’re out of work, especially when some of the hardest-hit industries are low-wage jobs? 

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The build-to-rent market has been exploding in the Treasure Valley, with developers building homes not for people to buy —but for people to rent.

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Short-term rentals have become a popular alternative to hotels and have created side hustle income for homeowners, in some cases helping folks cover their mortgage. But some critics say these kind of rentals are compounding affordable housing problems. The City of Boise is looking at creating rules on short-term rentals. The group Boise Regional Realtors is pushing back on this idea. 

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Boise Mayor Dave Bieter says a robust number of citizens have already shared their opinions on proposals to regulate short-term rentals in the city. The proposals would encourage new rules on apartments, condos or homes where people rent living spaces for less than 30 consecutive days.

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Rising housing demand in Boise is driving up prices and competition for buyers and renters alike. People looking for rentals often have to pay multiple application fees and those can add up quickly. 

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As Boise’s housing market becomes more and more competitive, how is that impacting renters? The current vacancy rate for rentals in Boise is 3.74%, and the average rent is $1,450. That’s according to Keller Williams Realty


We’ve heard about some possibly predatory practices among landlords that impose high fees on renters as they try to find housing. Boise City Council member Lisa Sanchez joins Idaho Matters to talk about her new proposal to regulate the fees some landlords are charging renters in the application process.

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Housing prices are still on the rise in the Mountain West, and so is the cost renting. That's according to the latest housing report from Zillow.


Idaho Statesman reporter Kate Talerico recently uncovered the ways in which Airbnb is squeezing the rental market in the Treasure Valley. Talerico joins Idaho Matters on Thursday with local renter Brittany O'Meara to parse out the ways the online homestay industry is creating havoc for renters.

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