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The Boise Independent School District opted to wait another week after the New Year holiday before beginning another semester. Adding extra caution, the district opted to begin the semester in a remote-only environment. School officials say, with any luck, they'll resume a hybrid schedule on Tuesday, Jan. 19 and take it from there.

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Idaho schools are still not fully in-person. To engage students in other ways, some Boise organizations have modified their extracurricular activities, so that young people can continue learning outside the classroom.

Boise Independent School District

When the Boise School District began another academic year this week, thousands of students, teachers and staff entered a new world. True, the district ended its spring semester at a distance; but educators and parents have much higher expectations for online learning if the pandemic continues to keep students away from classrooms.

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When schools went dark in the shadow of COVID-19, one of the school year’s highlights – the National Spelling Bee – was cancelled.  But just before students were sent home to shelter-in-place with their parents, a number of local schools held their own spelling contests.

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It’s been exactly one month since many students in Idaho set foot in their classrooms. The abrupt close meant teachers didn’t get to say goodbye to students, and certainly had no lesson plans ready for online classrooms.