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The Idaho State Board of Education is hosting a digital mental health summit tomorrow, December 8th. Audrey Regan has more on how educators around the state are working to take care of their students’ wellbeing.

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Reporting on COVID-19, particularly chronicling the personal stories of those directly affected by the virus, is difficult. Reporting on a college campus with strict safety protocols is doubly challenging.

Boise State Esports / via Twitter (@eSportsBSU)

Esports, or competitive video gaming, is taking off at universities worldwide. And Boise State University's own varsity team is no different. Even as some remain skeptical about the legitimacy of the sport, Boise State’s Esports team continues to grow, play in big conferences and rack up awards. 

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With so many polls and analyses flooding social media in the days leading up to the 2020 election, two major questions remain unanswered: No. 1, How many new voters will cast their first ballot this year? and No. 2, How many young voters will participate?

Boise State University

Boise State University has announced its plan to furlough faculty members over the next few months, despite projections that the state is on track for a record-breaking budget surplus.

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College students across the country are facing growing food and housing insecurity problems. Many universities are responding to this crisis in a number of ways.

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Fernando Perez worked incredibly hard to make 2020 a special year. He had been selected to be part of the National Youth Orchestra, invited to perform at Carnegie Hall and go on a two-week tour of North America. But then the pandemic hit, putting those dreams on hold.

Boise State University

It's estimated that approximately 10,000 Boise State University students will attend at least one in-person class this semester. That said, thousands more will be accessing instruction from a distance. As Idaho's largest institution of higher education begins another academic year, students, faculty and staff are facing a lengthy list of safety protocols, while the spread of COVID-19 isn't expected to abate any time soon.

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Animal shelters across the nation reported an immediate surge in pet adoptions as Americans withdrew to their homes due to COVID-19. The term "pandemic puppies" became a quick catchphrase. But our relationships with our pets runs much deeper than any particular moment in history — no matter how dire.

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Ann Larson graduated from Boise State University with a chemistry degree in the ‘90s. Now, she’s a chemist in California and also volunteers remotely at an orphanage in Mwanza, Tanzania.


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Boise State University

Boise State University this week announced furloughs for all staff and full-time faculty. The university says cancelled events and student refunds have cost nearly $10 million in lost revenue. Employees will take between four and 10 work days without pay, depending on their salary.

Boise State University Announces Furloughs

Apr 21, 2020
Boise State University

Boise State University is temporarily furloughing employees as a result of the financial fallout from COVID-19, according to an email sent to employees from university President Marlene Tromp.

Seniors set to graduate this spring at Boise State University will not get the chance to walk across stage. University officials announced Wednesday they’re preparing for a digital commencement ceremony in May. Frankie Barnhill has more.


Boise State University

Beginning Monday, March 16, Boise State has moved to online-only instruction for its nearly 30,000 students, in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Idaho's other public colleges and universities are expected to shift coursework to online-only in the coming days.

Boise State University says four students from South Korea participating in a school program are in self-isolation for 14 days in Boise. The school in a statement Thursday says the students cleared a health screening for the new coronavirus after arriving in Seattle on Monday. The virus causes the disease called COVID-19. School spokesman Greg Hahn says the four students are staying in an apartment in a complex owned by the university. He says they're able to take classes online.

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The Narrative TV Initiative is a Boise State University program that gives students real world experience in the television production process through the creation from start to finish of a show. 

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Picture books aren’t just for kids, especially not when they’re made by Scott Samuelson. 

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Graduate students spend years researching and writing about one single topic. They leave university with knowledge and information many people will never understand. And that’s a problem — a problem an unusual competition seeks to solve.