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The Northeast has long been home to firearm titans, but recently the region has lost out to the South and Mountain West as more and more gun businesses follow financial and cultural incentives to relocate.

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The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected Idaho’s request to rehear a case that would force it to be the first state to pay for sex reassignment surgery through a court order.

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Idaho’s health information line, known as 2-1-1, is teaming with the state suicide prevention hotline to get callers in crisis help more quickly.

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Monday, Governor Brad Little gave his annual State of the State address at the Idaho capitol. The Republican laid out his vision for the new year in a forty-minute speech. 

But now, it's up to Republican and Democratic lawmakers to decide what to do with his proposals. James Dawson covers the statehouse for us and helps Idaho Matters break down the speech, and their response to it. 

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It’s been more than a year since Governor Brad Little took his oath of office on the steps of the Capitol. The rancher and longtime elected official told the crowd that day that his goal would be to “reflect shared Idaho values.” As he prepares for his second year as Idaho’s top leader, Idaho Matters sat down with him.


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This week, Idaho Governor Brad Little and the two counties in the state in which refugee resettlement occurs sent letters to the Trump administration affirming their support for resettlement to continue locally.

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Gov. Brad Little is ordering most state agencies to cut their budget requests for next year in the face of an uncertain economy.

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Governor Brad Little and other Idaho officials are in Europe this week to foster economic relations with business leaders who have investment interests in Idaho. A visit to the Netherlands is part of an effort to bring new industry to the state.

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Idaho officials are focusing their attention on the state’s growing opioids and substance abuse problems.

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Raising taxes to help shore up Idaho’s aging infrastructure will be among Gov. Brad Little’s (R) priorities next year.

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The City of Bovill may be best known by University of Idaho alumni as a place to get a drink in rural Latah County. But right now, it’s facing an administrative crisis that only Idaho's top elected official has the power to solve.

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Monday was “Census Day” in Idaho and the Gem State is hoping for another strong showing in the upcoming population count.

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Governor Little announced the formation of an education task force earlier this month. The purpose is to create a series of recommendations that would allow Little and the 2020 Legislature to develop an efficient budget and policy plan for the state's schools. On Tuesday's Idaho Matters, we talk with task force member Representative Mat Erpelding about the mission of the task force and the educational improvements they hope to make.

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When the legislature adjourned last week, lawmakers left without approving a bill that renews thousands of rules governing the lives of Idaho citizens. Due to their inaction, the governor will now get to pick which rules stay and which ones go.

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Gov. Brad Little (R) has signed on to a compromise between the Idaho House and Senate that would add mandatory work requirements for those enrolling under the state’s voter-approved Medicaid expansion plan.

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Idaho lawmakers are making it easier for people to get doses of a life-saving drug that can reverse opioid overdoses.

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Governor Brad Little signed legislation Wednesday that provides a major step forward in ending a years-long dispute over water.

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Gov. Brad Little is taking aim at reducing the “state regulatory burdens on Idaho citizens and businesses” with his first two executive orders.

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The Idaho Legislature kicked off Monday with Governor Brad Little’s first State of the State speech. Lawmakers spent much of the week going to orientation, looking at rules and discussing budgets.

Idaho Education Association

New Governor Brad Little made education his top priority during his State of the State speech on Monday. A group that lobbies in favor of Idaho teachers is cautiously optimistic about his proposal for 2019.


In his first State of the State speech, Governor Brad Little proposed minimum salaries for teachers and increases in education spending. We speak with the Idaho Education Association about the proposals and how much these initiatives could move the needle insofar as improving education in the Gem State.

  • Efforts to pass Marsy's Law in the Idaho Legislature.
  • Idaho Education Association responds to Governor Little's State of the State.
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It’s a new year and a new governor. Brad Little unveiled his vision for the 2019 Idaho Legislature and detailed his agenda in his first State of the State Speech. Idaho Matters breaks it down with Boise State Public Radio reporter James Dawson.

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Jan 7, 2019

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  • Integrating Art into the classroom.
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Medicaid expansion, a new Governor, prison overcrowding and the budget. Those are just some of the topics we take on during our 2019 Idaho Legislative Preview. Host Gemma Gaudette talks with Dr. Jasper LiCalzi, professor at the College of Idaho and Jaclyn Kettler from Boise State University about the upcoming session.