Brian Jackson

Boise State University

The Physics Department at Boise State University wants to buy a digital planetarium to help teach kids about STEM. And they’re hoping to raise money to pay for the project.


The HiRISE - High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment - is orbiting Mars, taking images of the planet's surface. Nicole Baugh, Uplink Planning Lead on the HiRISE project will be discussing her work as part of the 'First Friday' lecture series hosted by Boise State's Department of Physics. Baugh joins Idaho Matters to talk about taking pictures of the Red Planet.

Boise State University

Boise State’s physics department is opening up its newly refurbished observatory for some stargazing Friday night, along with an evening of research into how galaxies form.

Brian Day / NASA Ames Research Center

Idaho is gearing up for a "super blue blood moon" on Wednesday, though the name might be a bit misleading. That’s when three celestial events happen all at the same time.