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Many Idaho campgrounds are opening up just in time for Memorial Day weekend. But if you’re venturing into nature this year be prepared to be self-sufficient, with services limited by the pandemic.

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For women who like to recreate in Mountain West states like Idaho, it's long been said that you should avoid camping while on your period. The idea was that this would attract wild amimals. But is there truth to this idea? Or is it more myth than fact? In this story, we learn this notion originated from an incident at Glacier National Park over 50 years ago. Maggie Mulles of the Mountain West News Bureau explains how this myth took on a life of its own. 

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As the official first day of fall is just two weeks away, perhaps you’re thinking about getting one last camping trip in this year. But if you haven’t made plans yet, you might find it difficult to secure your camping spot online. We talk with reporter Nicole Blanchard of the Idaho Statesman about what folks can do to reserve a spot in the wilds of Idaho this fall and next summer (hint: it helps to be flexible).

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MOAB — About 40 miles north from the tourist hordes in town and set against a backdrop of tan clay and red mesas, the vista looked primed for a nature magazine cover shoot: early afternoon, the desert bloom in full force, awash with purple and yellow flowers. Quiet.

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Summer in Idaho means escaping town for the state’s abundant backcountry offerings. One popular destination is Stanley. Campsites near the small town in the Sawtooths are getting upgrades.

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Idaho Commerce is teaming up with the state's manufacturers of outdoor recreational gear to take advantage of the state's rugged terrain and test consumer equipment. From backpacks to snowshoes, kayaks and camp stoves, Tested in Idaho "shines light on Idaho-based recreation technology companies who take their work to the field." We speak with a representative from Idaho Commerce and a participating manufacturer of climbing gear about the program.

Idaho Parks and Recreation

If you were hoping to snag a last-minute camping spot for Memorial Day weekend, you’ll have to look beyond Idaho’s many state parks.

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City of Boise officials says they're pleased that a judge decided this week to dismiss a lawsuit over a homeless camping ordinance. Bell v. City of Boise has been in the courts since it was filed in 2009.

At issue was a law that said the city could cite people sleeping outside. After the suit was filed, the city changed the law to say citations could only be issued if homeless shelters had empty beds.

A bike, sleeping bag, and cart left ona sidewalk.
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The City of Boise says the U.S. Department of Justice was incorrect when it accused the city of punishing people for being homeless.

The Department weighed in Thursday on a lawsuit that says homeless people receive tickets for sleeping in public spaces.

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Volunteers are scheduled to break ground Saturday on the rebuilding of the Big Creek Lodge in the Payette National Forest.

For 75 years, Big Creek Lodge was the vacation spot for hundreds of pilots, campers, and firefighters, looking for adventure in the remote Payette National Forest. But seven years ago, the lodge burned to the ground.

Now, the Forest Service and a non-profit group are working to rebuild.

Boise National Forest

The Boise National Forest is reporting an increase of trash and human waste being left behind at campsites.

All ranger districts are reporting more trash, but the Lowman Ranger District has been hit especially hard along Highway 21 and in the Deadwood Reservoir areas.

Fire pits have been loaded with trash. Fecal material has been found near the camps. Toilet paper has been left behind. That’s according to John Kidd, Lowman District Ranger.