Canyon County

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The number of coronavirus cases in Canyon County has tripled in the past two weeks — from 435 to 1,397 on Tuesday evening. In the last week, the percent increase of cases on a per-capita basis was 83%, compared to an increase of 47% per-capita in Ada County.

Canyon County is a serial web drama that follows the day-to-day of a Treasure Valley social worker suffering from depression. The candid look at coping with mental illness can only be found online and Idaho Matters talks with co-writers Elliot Norton and Chuck O'Neachtain.

On The Wednesday, June 19, 2019 Edition Of Idaho Matters

Jun 18, 2019

  • Concordia Law panelists discuss convening a constitutional convention.
  • Millennials are a fast-growing demographic in the Treasure Valley.
  • Treasure Valley web series follows the daily routine of a depressed social worker.
  • Boise Art Museum exhibit combines Old Western and Hollywood imagery with Native American arts.

Canyon County Voters Resoundingly Reject Jail Bond

May 22, 2019
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Voters in Canyon County went to the polls Tuesday and overwhelmingly rejected a bond initiative that would’ve funded a new jail.


A townhall meeting in Nampa got a bit fiery on Monday as critics of a property tax increase verbally sparred with supporters of a new jail for Canyon County. Idaho Matters looks at the need for more detention beds with Ysabel Bilbao, spokeswoman for the effort to approve a bond for a new jail.

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The debate about what Canyon County should do to address its jail problem continues to swirl. Local officials are hosting a series of town hall meetings ahead of a bond measure set to go before voters Tuesday, May 21.

St. Luke's

The Mountain States Cancer Institute in Nampa is going to be relocated and updated. St. Luke’s says the new facility will offer a more serene space and more options for those going through cancer treatments.

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The Treasure Valley community of Nampa is again under siege by the birds. Thousands have descended on the town for the third year in a row.


Canyon County has changed its policy regarding the use of the Spanish language at polling sites. The Idaho Press' Nicole Foy joins us to parse out the new rule.

Immigration Holds On The Rise In Canyon County Jail

Jun 12, 2018
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Immigration holds in the Canyon County jail are on the rise, indicating an uptick in local immigration enforcement. The Idaho Press's Nicole Foy chronicled the county's immigration hold process. She joins Idaho Matters to parse out the coverage.

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A planning group in southwest Idaho is contemplating bringing commuter rail to the region. They’re looking to Utah as an example.

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Star, the newest incorporated city in Idaho, is poised for significant growth over the next decade. The city council voted unanimously this week to annex enough land to expand the city by a third.

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Organizers of a proposed initiative to expand Medicaid coverage in Idaho say signature gathering this weekend in Canyon County is key to their success.

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Tuesday, the Idaho House rejected a bill that would have barred people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from owning guns for two years. Similar laws have been passed in 28 states, including the Republican dominated Utah Legislature.

Crows In Nampa Causing Scenes Akin To "The Birds"

Feb 9, 2018
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While bird activity has abated thanks to the recent warm weather, countless crows continue to spend the winter in Nampa.  The migratory birds seasonally mass in the city much to the chagrin of residents and business owners.

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Police arrested a man they say stole some 200 vases and plaques from cemeteries across the Treasure Valley.

After receiving a slew of tips from the public, authorities located and arrested the suspected graveyard thief. Twenty-two year old Aspen Curtis was taken into custody by Canyon County Sheriff’s deputies in Nampa.

Canyon County Weighs Options For New Jail

Dec 22, 2017
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Canyon County Commissioners are trying to figure out a way to get a new jail. The current facility has seen numerous escapes over the last year and half and is overcrowded. A study by a consulting firm offered a costly solution.

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A consulting firm has come up with a new figure for what it would cost to build a jail in Canyon County that addresses overcrowding and other problems at the current facility.


Mike Bullinger, the man wanted in connection to a triple homicide in the outskirts of Caldwell, continues to elude authorities. Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are all hoping new information about the suspected murderer comes to light.

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Canyon County saw a record number of involuntary mental hold cases in July.

There were 123 such cases, a monthly record, according to the county's director of indigent services, Yvonne Baker, the Idaho Press Tribune reported.

The county also set a record for payments related to those mental holds in the past few weeks, sending out checks totaling $153,000, Controller Zach Wagoner said.

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Several motorcycle deaths throughout the Treasure Valley over the last week or so are causing alarm and raising questions about safety.

In a little over a week, five people around the Valley were killed in motorcycle accidents: three in Boise, one in Canyon County and another in Boise County.

The five deaths in such a short amount of time are particularly surprising given there were just five motorcycle deaths across the Treasure Valley in all of 2010.

Four-Day Job Fair Underway In Canyon County

Jun 19, 2017
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A four-day job fair gets underway in Caldwell this morning. A wide variety of industries will be participating in the event at the Idaho Department of Labor’s Canyon County office.

The largest job fair in recent memory, different sectors will be at the site looking to hire new talent each day.

Canyon County Fair Stays; Fair Board Members Go

Feb 9, 2017
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The Canyon County Fair isn’t going anywhere; it’ll stay at its home in Caldwell. County commissioners made the announcement earlier this week, ending a proposed move for the fair to an 80 acre property north of Nampa.

Molly Messick / Boise State Public Radio

After a U.S. Department of Justice found a Nampa polling place is inaccessible to voters with disabilities, Canyon County officials are working to make sure everyone can get inside to vote.

The Idaho Press Tribune reports that Canyon County Clerk Chris Yamamoto is proposing a second entrance at the Southside Methodist Church after the DOJ found the church's ramp was too steep and lacked handrails.

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The Treasure Valley Food Coalition this week is asking the question, “why should we save farmland in Idaho?” As growth and development spread across the Treasure Valley, the coalition is starting a conversation about preserving farmland in places like Canyon County.