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Cities including Meridian, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Hailey and Ketchum already have bans on using electronic devices while driving. But starting Wednesday, it will be illegal to use devices when behind the wheel everywhere in the state.

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The City of Boise has joined a number of other Idaho communities to ban the use of hand-held devices while driving.

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Major U.S. phone companies are rolling out 5G — or fifth generation technology — throughout the country. 5G uses more transmitters and higher frequency waves than 4G to deliver faster wireless speeds. A group of citizens in Blaine County is asking elected officials there to prohibit the deployment of 5G in the area.


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Idaho currently bans the use of texting and driving, but Meridian’s City Council decision extends the restrictions for devices.

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A proposal at the statehouse that would have banned municipalities from instituting their own local bans on using cell phones while driving failed to get traction. The legislation’s defeat sets the stage for Pocatello’s prohibition on handheld devices going into effect.

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A proposed ban that would have prohibited cities from instituting restrictions on driving while operating a handheld cellphone died in a legislative committee this week.

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A push in the Idaho Legislature to ban cell phone bans is moving forward. Republican Representative Chad Christensen from eastern Idaho thinks there’s no issue with driving and holding a cell phone to your ear. He finds laws that prohibit the practice in Idaho Falls, Blaine County and other places in the state too restrictive.

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A bill introduced this week in the legislature seeks to override local communities’ efforts to ban talking on a cell phone while driving.

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We all know it’s bad to text and drive, and in Idaho it’s illegal. But what about when you want to skip to a good song on Spotify, or you’re checking your Twitter notifications while driving? Blaine County is making it clear: Don’t do it or you’ll get a ticket. Drivers who are parked in a designated spot or who are stopped and not holding up traffic are exempt.


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In 2000, 532,000 people had home landlines in Idaho. The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) reports that this number fell to 152,000 last year. According to the Idaho Statesman, this shift has diminished a 30-year-old fund that keeps rural landlines affordable.

Mobile devices are traditionally considered a nuisance in schools. But a Portland startup is developing a way to turn students’ cell phones into classroom tools.

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Restoring phone service may take longer in Idaho if Public Utility Commissioners decide to change the rules.  The local phone company typically has 24 hours to fix a land line.  If that doesn’t happen on time, the customer gets credited a month’s worth of service.  Now, phone companies want more time and to do away with the credit.

WSU Researchers Patent Longer Battery Life Technology

May 28, 2012

Researchers at Washington State University say they've found a way to keep lithium batteries charged three times longer. These are the batteries used in laptops, cell phones and electric vehicles.

The key ingredient in the new battery design is tin, as a replacement for carbon, which is more common.