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Gov. Brad Little has vetoed two bills that would constrict executive authority during an emergency and expand legislative powers.

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The Idaho Legislature is nearing the 100-day mark, with much work still to be done and multiple bills addressing perceived 'social indoctrination' of Idaho students with liberal social justice or critical race theories. Our Friday reporter roundtable discusses the various efforts to legislate content in schools, other statehouse news, street parking changes in Boise and more!

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Idaho House lawmakers easily passed a measure that would block any level of government from imposing a mask mandate.

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Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended “pausing” distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Johnson and Johnson as the agency investigates unusual blood clots in six women who had the shot. One woman died. More than seven million doses of that vaccine have been given in the United States, and more than 30,000 in Idaho according to state Health and Welfare. Our panel of medical experts answers your questions about this pause, its impact on vaccine hesitancy and COVID-19.

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The U.S. hasn’t contained COVID-19, but all of these public health precautions have certainly done a number on the flu.

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After months of negotiations, the Idaho legislature has passed two bills in response to the pandemic that would reign in a governor’s power during an emergency.

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As more Americans get vaccinated, they're finally preparing for long-delayed vacations. But if they want to visit some big-name national parks in the West, they may need a reservation.

Amid a national rise in COVID-19 cases, Colorado is the latest Mountain West state to ease its mask mandate.

Democratic Gov. Jared Polis said in a statement issued April 2 that the loosening of a mask order is “a step toward the light at the end of the tunnel.” It eases restrictions for Colorado counties with low transmission rates. The change comes as the state opens up vaccinations to all people over 16.

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As of this week, every Idahoan over the age of 16 is eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine. But the question remains: Will enough eligible people agree to get the optional vaccine in order for us to reach herd immunity? Idaho Matters talks with two Idaho physicians about vaccine hesitancy, and how to encourage more people to access the shots after a year of studying their effects. 

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With the majority of Idaho’s population now eligible to access to a COVID-19 vaccine, Morning Edition is taking its microphones to one of the region’s largest vaccine clinics where nearly 1,000 people per day stream through the door to get a vaccine.

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In the wake of a rash of COVID-19 infections at the Statehouse, triggering an historic pause of the Idaho Legislature, lawmakers return to Boise this week in an effort to finish up their 2021 session. Indeed, the legislature will have to approve a spending plan for the 2022 fiscal year. But scores of other bills still crowd the agendas of both the House and Senate.

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The coronavirus pandemic has taxed America’s mental health system over the past year and one thing is clear: young adults are having the hardest time coping out of any age group.

This week, federal officials issued dire warnings of a potential fourth wave of coronavirus cases and deaths if Americans let their guards down. President Joe Biden urged governors to maintain or reinstate mask mandates to ward off a surge.

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New cases of COVID-19 in long-term care facilities have dropped 96% nationwide since Dec. 20. In Idaho, long-term care centers have seen a similar drop since residents were among the first priority groups to be eligible for the vaccine late last year.

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The pandemic robbed Boiseans of countless outdoor activities as COVID-19 raged through the summer of 2020.

Idaho Shakespeare Festival

The Idaho Shakespeare Festival is delaying its upcoming season as it continues to work through how to safely put on live theater amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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After a year of remote and hybrid learning, the Boise School District is opening its classrooms for five-day-a-week in-person lessons.

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Idaho Gov. Brad Little announced Wednesday that all Idahoans ages 16 and older will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine April 5. That's about three weeks sooner than the state's original eligibility timeline, and comes as the state's supply of Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnsons doses ramps up. But could it also indicate vaccine hesitancy among some people who are already eligible? And what's going on with surging case numbers in Eastern Idaho?

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Gov. Brad Little announced Wednesday all Idahoans who are at least 16 years old will be able to make an appointment to get the COVID-19 vaccine beginning April 5 – three weeks earlier than the state originally planned.