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West Ada School District Document

School Boards of Trustees for Boise and West Ada districts met Tuesday, deciding when and how to reopen schools to students this fall.

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Yale School of Public Health researchers created a simulation: a hypothetical campus of 5,000 students where 10 are asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19. They found the safest way to reopen a campus like that was to enforce strict guidelines like distancing and mask-wearing. But that wasn't enough.

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After initially planning to re-open Boise schools for in-person instruction, the district’s board of trustees will now consider a virtual start to the year for students.

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When schools in Ada County reopen next month, they’ll have to comply with an expanded mask mandate approved Tuesday night by public health officials.

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The Boise Independent School District has yet to officially decide whether in-peson instruction will be possible when a new school year begins on Monday, August 17.  That said, officials will need to be nimble when (and if) school doors swing back open.