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An Idaho legislative hearing Wednesday devolved into a screaming match at times over a bill to criminalize protests at someone’s home.

COVID-19 became a common household term approximately a year ago and has since become a central tenet in our lives. 

Now several vaccines to combat the disease have been approved and distribution is underway for health care providers, the elderly, and high risk groups and plans are advancing to vaccinate general populations. Find more on Idaho's vaccination strategies here.


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Governor Brad Little says nearly one-third of Idaho seniors have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. But even as more vaccine has become available through retail pharmacies, demand is far outpacing supply.

Today, our panel of medical experts share the best ways to get an appointment for the vaccine once eligible, and answer more of your health questions.

Many Idaho seniors are frustrated, as they haven’t been able to get a COVID-19 vaccine appointment. But state health officials are hopeful vaccinations will ramp up shortly.


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Rowan Jones' dreams for 2021 included studying on the other side of the planet, but COVID-19 dashed any hope of attending NYU Shanghai in-person. From his Arlington, Virginia home, he tried, in the middle of the night, syncing with his professors via virtual instruction, but that was a bit of a non-starter as well. And his path got a lot bumpier when he contracted COVID-19 — he was in Ketchum, Idaho at the time, helping an aunt move to the Gem State.

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Idaho House Republicans’ latest attempt to reign in a governor’s power during an emergency is headed to the Senate.

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The Treasure Valley is facing a record number of residents needing help to find a place to live. But a lack of affordable housing is making it harder for people struggling to find a permanent residence.

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In the Mountain West and across the country, states are rolling back COVID-19 restrictions like mask mandates and allowing more people to gather. While this was largely a response to reduced infection numbers, new strains of the virus are on the move.

Boise State Athletics began efforts lst Friday to move the games away from Extra Mile Arena on campus, but couldn’t get everyone on board in time for Thursday's game with UNLV. The potential move, first reported by the Idaho Press, could have allowed about 1,600 fans to attend thanks to Canyon County's less restrictive pandemic rules.

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Delayed data from the U.S. Census Bureau could upend Idaho’s redistricting process as it’s currently laid out in state law.

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As the Idaho legislature tries to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic with its own precautions, two-thirds of committees confirm that they will take at least some remote testimony this year.

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A year into the pandemic, many of us have adjusted in little ways. We’ve grown more accustomed to the masks. We have largely mastered Zoom, even if we sometimes forget to hit “unmute.“

But we still miss a lot from our old lives, and after all this time, that’s become more acute.

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Gun sales have spiked during the pandemic, and retailers are running low on ammunition all around the country.

It's a Wednesday evening in December. Five o'clock means the end of my work day, and the start of Wampanoag language class.

"Wunee wunôq," my language teacher, Tracy Kelly, greets me as I join the Zoom call from my kitchen table in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Nationally, Idaho is toward the bottom of states in a number of rankings measuring COVID-19 vaccine rollout. The state is asking the White House to adjust it's weekly allotment. As of now, the weekly doses are set to increase slightly, from 20,000 first doses a week to more than 25,000.


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As of Feb. 8, 2021 this post will no longer be updated. If you are looking for information regarding when and where to get your COVID-19 vaccine, click here.


As of Feb. 8, 2021 this post will no longer be updated. If you are looking for information regarding when and where to get your COVID-19 vaccine, click here. If you’re searching for the most recent data for COVID-19 cases and deaths in Idaho, check the state's dashboard here.

Boise State Public Radio is committed to bringing you important and timely coverage of the pandemic across Idaho. We will continue to track trends and report them out in our stories. If you have questions regarding COVID-19 news & resources, please email

James Dawson / Boise State Public Radio

Idaho House lawmakers are continuing their push to overturn gathering limits amid the pandemic.

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State senators introduced a bill Thursday giving county commissioners final say over any proposed pandemic restrictions approved by a public health board.


Karlets Dennison's favorite place to be was on a horse. Preferably with loved ones riding alongside him.

"That was his love. His horses, his ranch, his rodeo," said his wife Debbie Jackson-Dennison. "And he loved sharing it with his kids and his granddaughter."