Daylight Saving Time

James Dawson / Boise State Public Radio

If you’re a fan of working on your tan well into the night, you’re in luck. Idahoans will keep springing forward and falling back when it comes to setting their clocks.

Stuart B / Flickr

A familiar proposal is making its way through the legislature again this session. Idaho lawmakers are exploring the possibility of doing away with the annual switch to daylight saving time.

Alex The Shutter / Flickr

The Idaho Senate passed a resolution that could pave the way for all of the Gem State being in a single time zone. While the southern part of the state is in the Mountain Time zone, the panhandle runs on Pacific. Lewiston, Coeur d’Alene and other North Idaho cities operate on the same time as Washington.

Andy Woodruff / screengrab/

If you, like me, spent this morning stewing in the juices of your hatred for daylight saving time (I’ve been indulging the fantasy of creating a super PAC to give money to congressional candidates who vow to abolish it, but have been stuck on how to raise millions of dollars), consider how it would change things for you if it ceased to exist. A cartographer named Andy Woodruff has created an interactive map to help us.