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When life begins to get back to normal and we as a community resume regular activities, many folks around the Treasure Valley are going to hop back on an electric scooter to easily get around town. 

Electric scooters can be a cheaper, more convenient alternative to getting around in cities. You don’t have to pay for parking or sit behind cars in traffic. And in some places you can rent them anywhere you go using your smartphone.  

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Last weekend, a 16-year-old e-scooter rider in Boise was struck and killed by a truck while riding through a crosswalk. The other teen rider on the scooter was taken to a hospital and treated for injuries. The accident has reignited conversations about who is responsible for the safety of riders. Idaho Matters is joined by a University of Washington pediatrician about what cities, users and companies can do to prevent crashes and injuries. 

Idaho E-Scooter Injuries And Prevention Methods

Oct 29, 2019
Katherine Jones/ Idaho Statesman

This weekend, Boise police say a pickup truck collided with two passengers on a scooter, leaving one dead and one injured.


Electric, dockless scooters are showing up across the region, especially in bigger cities like Denver and Salt Lake City. But a new study suggests they may not be as environmentally friendly as you think.

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Boise was a relatively early adopter of e-scooters across the country. Bird and Lime scooters hit the streets last fall, later joined by the company Spin. Many people have embraced the devices, but as use has increased — so have complaints. In an effort to curb those issues, the City of Boise passed three ordinances last week around the scooters, including one that restricts the speed of riders in certain areas. We talk with City of Boise officials Daren Fluke and Craig Croner to learn more. 

Bird Scooters Flock To Meridian

Jul 17, 2019
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The streets of Meridian will soon be filled with the hum and zip of electric scooters. The city recently approved an agreement allowing Bird Scooters to deploy between 100 to 150 scooters at first, but eventually 500.


A Third E-Scooter Company Is Making Its Way To Boise

Jan 17, 2019
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Currently, there are two e-scooter companies operating in Boise, but next month, another scooter vendor is expected to begin operations in the city.



Last Thursday, Meridian brought electric scooters to their streets from scooter-rental company Lime. But less than a week after 200 scooters were deployed, the city and other parts of Ada County were facing concerns.

California E-Scooter Company Suspended In Meridian

Sep 28, 2018

Update Wednesday, Oct. 10: The pay-as-you-go scooters from a company called Lime that took over Meridian for a few days won’t be back anytime soon. After debuting on September 27th, all of the scooters were pulled from the streets after a request by Meridian city officials on October 2nd. Now, a representative with Lime says a rollout of the conveyances is suspended until March of 2019.